Pakistan Plays its Trump Card to Deal with Donald Trump

The United States has been informed that if the administration of Donald Trump does not change its new policy of coercion and intimidation towards Islamabad, Pakistan is going to call of the efforts it has been making for the Afghanistan reconciliation process. Diplomatic channels have been used to convey to the US administration that a strategy for a peaceful Afghanistan will only be set by Pakistan in light of its national security policy. The military and civil leadership of the country has expressed serious reservations about the new policy of the US concerning Afghanistan.

Sources have revealed that senior federal authorities have discussed their reservations and consultations have been conducted at the highest levels. They have all concluded that Pakistan will not give in to any demands or pressure from the US. The Trump administration has been informed that 100% results have been achieved by Pakistan in its military operations against terrorists of all color and hue and it will continue doing so until they have eliminated the last terrorist.

According to sources, US Ambassador David Hale has been told that Pakistan’s economy doesn’t need financial assistance from America and Islamabad has never been dependent on Washington for strengthening its defence system. They also stated that Pakistan has begun approaching its allies such as Russia, China and other countries to gather some support against the new US policy that has been unveiled. Beijing has offered Islamabad complete assurance that any possible resolution that the US will make in the UN Security Council will be vetoed by them.

Sources also asserted that Islamabad has come up with its own strategy for dealing with the one outlined by Trump. They stated that the US has been warned by Pakistan of a pullout from the Afghan reconciliation process if Washington doesn’t alter its approach. According to them, Pakistan can only have good relations with the Trump administration if they opt for a balanced policy or else they will have to review their relations on all issues. An important source has disclosed that in light of the reaction from Pakistan, the US administration has begun discussions on their new policy.

In this context, the visit of Foreign Minister Khawja Asif to the US will be vital as he has been given the task of conveying Pakistan’s stance to the Trump administration. Earlier this month, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had invited Asif to Washington. The secretary of state had extended the invitation to Asif during a phone conversation. Asif had reciprocated the gesture and invited Tillerson to visit Pakistan. According to the Foreign Office, the invitation had been accepted by the secretary of state. Sources said that the federal government would decide its policy on Thursday at the meeting of the National Security Committee.