Police Look Into Attack on Talal Chaudhry

Two days ago, Talal Chaudhry, the former minister of state for the country’s interior, was assaulted by unidentified individuals. On Sunday, the law enforcement authorities in Faisalabad decided to form a committee to take a closer look at the incident. 

The committee, made up of four members, will be responsible for recording the statements of Ayesha Rajab, the lawmaker of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), and the leader, Talal himself.

The members of this committee have been granted time for three days to make an inquiry report. They will have to submit it after three days, so it can be reviewed. 

Talal’s family talked to the media saying that he had been traveling to Madina Town from his home at the time of the incident. Several unidentified persons had then stopped his car and then tortured him. 

Later on, videos appeared on social media that told a completely different story. At the time of the alleged beating, the leader of PML-N was seen outside the residence of MNA Ayesha. In the videos, he seems to be cradling his left arm which he claims was fractured during the attack.  

However, Rana Sanaullah, the president of the Punjab chapter of PML-N declared that a fact-finding committee will be formed to probe the incident that occurred. It is widely believed that the men behind this attack were none other than the brothers of Ayesha Rajab. 

This four-member committee will be headed by senior party members, such as Akram Ansari and Saira Afzal Tarrar. Whatever facts will be found related to the incident will be reported to these two.

“Strict action will be taken.”

Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan, the Minister for Information in Punjab, stated that Faisalabad police claims that they received calls from Ayesha Rajab and Talal Chaudhry, both. He also warned that strict legal action will be taken if the complaints turned out to be false. 

The provincial minister also informed that Talal had proved to be an embarrassment to the party he represented, along with the entire country. 

Fayyaz-ul-Hassan also referred to Maryam Nawaz, speculating when she would decide to suspend Talal from PML-N. Moreover, the PTI Minister maintained that the government in Punjab has set up an inquiry committee. This committee will be responsible for taking legal action once the investigation was done and dusted. 

Soon after the occurrence of the incident, the former minister posted on Twitter that no woman MNA was involved in whatever had taken place. He asked media outlets to be patient and not to release any statements until he released a detailed one himself about the incident. 

Later that night, MNA Ayesha Rajab also took to Twitter and called out people for having discussions about her on social media and media both. She requested people to not spread or fall for rumors being conjured up by the media. She stated that she is not only a mother but, a sister, and someone’s daughter. Ayesha added that she had nothing to do with the brutal attack on Talal.