Rise in Blackmailing and Harassment in South Punjab

On the 18th of September, a top official at the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said that South Punjab has seen a rise in blackmail and harassment of women. This surge has been consistent in the region over the past two months. 

Hassan Jalil Malik, the assistant director of the cyber-crime cell stated that FIA has received about 50 cases of blackmailing and abuse of women. The official also reported that more than 10 out of the 50 cases have been registered so far. The subsequent investigations also led to the arrests of around 13 people. According to Malik, over 20 cases are currently being investigated right now. The agency is hopeful that they will be able to yield fruitful results soon. 

However, due to inadequate and insufficient evidence regarding the cases, 15 of the allegations of extortion and abuse of women have been dismissed by officials investigating.