DHO Warns Against Rising Coronavirus Cases

Zaeem Zia, the District Health Officer of Islamabad, warned people about the rise of the coronavirus cases on Sunday. His statement came soon after the capital city recorded more than 70 new cases. On Twitter, the DHO stated that the rising cases were likely a result of the increased inbound movement in the country. However, he informed that the district administration was doing its best and taking necessary precautions to ensure that the surge in the cases is curbed. Along with the warning, Zaeem Zia also requested people to abide by all the SOPs laid down by the relevant authorities and remember that the threat of the virus still exists. Earlier in the month, health officials began worrying about the rising cases. But, the cases had only slightly risen in Islamabad as compared to when the pandemic had been at its peak. Right now, health and government authorities are more worried than ever, afraid that the rising numbers could lead to a second wave in the country. The surge in the incidence of infections has been particularly unsettling. Numerous doctors all over the country are advising people to continue following SOPs as the threat of the virus has not been eliminated as yet. Their efforts are continuous towards making people take the virus seriously again. On the 15th of September, one educational institution in the capital city was shut down. This was due to the emergence of 16 new coronavirus cases, as per the report of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC). Further details provided by the NCOC revealed that contact tracing was conducted at the college. Measures such as this one were taken to curb the rise in the number of cases. Similarly, the college was also disinfected soon after being sealed. Students, faculty, and staff alike were advised to immediately isolate themselves.