Protests Against Blasphemous Cartoons

In recent news, blasphemous sketches of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) led to various rallies and protests all over the country. Emotions were charged over this issue, which led to a speech from a leading religious scholar. 

Syed Hussain Uddin Shah, the Head of the Tanzeemul Madaris Ahle Sunnat Pakistan, urged people to refrain from any kind of violence. He stated that any negative act from the country would only hurt its reputation and dignity. Moreover, the unity of the nations could also take a potential hit. 

The head also appealed to all those organizing the processions on the 12th of Rabiul Awwal. He requested them to not divert their rallies towards Islamabad as it would create numerous problems for the army, as well as the government. 

He made this speech while leading a protest rally against the blasphemous and profane sketches of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The protestors laid out two main demands. It is their belief that the government should oust the French ambassador from Pakistan. In addition, all products imported from France should be boycotted at the state level. 

On Wednesday alone, two protest rallies were organized and carried out in Rawalpindi. The credit of seeing these rallies went to Tanzeemul Madaris Ahle Sunnat. 

At first, the demonstrators were only calling for the deportation of the French ambassador. They wanted him to be declared a persona non grata. Later on, they started protesting for the ban of all French products by the state itself. 

The rallies began from Satellite Town and Raja bazaar. Soon enough, they merged with others coming from Murree Road. Faizabad was where they all finally culminated. 

Caricatures of the French president were torn and set on fire. This was Muslims’ way of protesting against his Islamophobic comments made on countless occasions. 

The demonstrators held placards and banners throughout the rallies. They were inscribed with various slogans against the president of France for his support of anti-Muslim acts. 

Shah addressed the participants in the rallies and stated that the entire Muslim world has been in agony ever since the French government started committing anti-Muslim acts. He expressed his disapproval over the vicious measures taken by the French president. 

He went on to express that Muslims all around the globe would readily lay down their lives to protect that sanctity of the last messenger of Islam. 

However, the head of the Tanzeemul Madaris Ahle Sunnat Pakistan did appeal repeatedly to the organizers of rallies on the 12th of Rabiul Awwal, to not divert their rallies to Islamabad. He stressed, several times, that it would only cause problems for the army and government and do more harm than good.

However, Shah called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to take quick action against the French ambassador and products from France. He brought up the topic several times and all the people present vehemently expressed their agreement with his demands. 

Muslims from all over the country are readily protesting in different cities to pressurize the government into taking action.