Report Wanted on Shahbaz Sharif’s Jail Trial

On Wednesday, an accountability court from the cultural capital of the country requested a report from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). They talked to the director-general stating that they needed details on the jail trial of Shahbaz Sharif, the President of the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N).

Jawad al Hassan, the administrative judge of the accountability court, sent out a four-page document of the written order. This was with respect to Shahbaz’s involvement in a money laundering case. 

The written order clearly stated that the best way to have an early trial is by organizing a jail trial. He also said that things become quite difficult for the rest of the people present in the courtroom whenever leaders of PML-N, such as Hamza Shahbaz and Shahbaz Sharif make an appearance in court. 

Due to the rising cases of the coronavirus that have led to the second wave, the written order declared that the DG of the NAB should send a complete report to the court in Lahore. 

The written order also noticed that Shahbaz’s children, Rabia Imran and Suleiman Shahbaz are not showing up at the trial. It added that they must be present in the court in the future. 

Moreover, NAB officials are required to provide copies of statements that were made by the four pardoned witnesses. The statements in question were specified to be those that were made to the lawyers of the accused. 

Late in September, the top graft buster in the country had arrested Shahbaz Sharif. This happened directly after the Lahore High Court (LHC) threw out his request for a pre-arrest bail. He had appeared in court for a money laundering and asset beyond means case. 

Shahbaz was taken into custody by NAB officials from the courtroom itself. A large number of PML-N supporters had been there to witness the party president’s arrest.