Two New Polio Cases in Balochistan

On Saturday, two more cases of the poliovirus were reported from the province of Balochistan. The new cases have taken the total number of cases to 23 in this year alone. 

The health department in Balochistan informed me that the first case of this virus first surfaced in Chitan Town of Quetta. A four-year-old boy was found to have contracted the virus. 

Soon after, another case was reported but, this time the patient belonged to the Pishin district. A resident of the Tahsil Barshor, a 15-month-old, was diagnosed with the crippling virus. 

Various other areas of the province of Balochistan have reported cases of polio. People from Qilla Abdullah, Pishin, and numerous other areas have tested positive for the virus. These areas have been declared as sensitive districts due to thousands of chronic refusals and the presence of poliovirus. 

As of now, Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only two countries in the world that are dealing with the emergence of poliovirus cases. 

The health department in Balochistan has been making efforts to stay proactive in giving patients the treatment that they need. This is being done to ensure that polio does not burden the already strained resources of the country.