Drug Dealer Taken Into Custody for Possession of Heroin

A major drug bust was made by the law enforcement authorities in the federal capital of the country. A drug dealer was arrested and nearly 5.264 kilograms of heroin were recovered from his possession. On Tuesday, a spokesperson talked to the media about this matter. 

The official stated that the police had conducted various raids, snap checking, and operations. Through these activities, they were able to take 12 suspects into custody belonging to different areas of the city. Along with drugs, weapons and liquor were also recovered from the possession of the suspects. 

Farooq Amjad Butter, SP Rural, created a special team that will be supervised by DSP Rukhsar Mehdi. The latter successfully arrested a suspected drug peddler, named Muhammad Shah. He was also found in possession of 5.264 kilograms of heroin that was taken into evidence. 

In other news, the Karachi Company police also took into custody another individual suspected of selling liquor. Qaiser Yaqoob was found with seven bottles of wine in his possession. 

As part of a murder probe, a suspect identified as Shoaib was also arrested. The homicide unit successfully took in a 30-bore pistol found with the suspect. 

The police from the Shams colony also arrested Muhammad Waseem. They were also able to recover a 30-bore pistol from his possession as well. 

In addition, the Khanna police took into custody a man named Abdullah. He was found in possession of an unlicensed 9mm pistol, as well as its ammunition. Aqib Javed was also arrested by the police for possessing an unlicensed 30-bore pistol. 

The authorities were quite proud of the fact that they were able to take in this many suspects for various apparent crimes. The police spokesperson stated that more information will soon be revealed as these suspects are processed.