Abdul Qadir Baloch Resigns from PML-N

Abdul Qadir Baloch, Lt-Gen (retd), has decided to step down from his position as one of the leaders of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). The disgruntled party member gave up his position due to an anti-military narrative from Nawaz Sharif, the party supremo, as well as his daughter, Maryam Nawaz. 

Nawaz, the ousted premier, once again gave a speech against the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. Moreover, the PML-N supremo also said a few words against the military establishment in the country. He accused it of taking public mandate away from PDM, an opposition alliance, at their first-ever power show that took place in Gujranwala in the month of October. 

Baloch, the president of the Balochistan chapter of PML-N, addressed a gathering on Saturday. This was held in Quetta, where he stated that all the honor and respect he has, was earned due to time served in the armed forces of Pakistan. 

The party leader went on to say that the army has made him who he is today. Baloch talked about how the military academy teaches them to either do or die for their own country. Consequently, he rhetorically asked how he could be a part of a party that spews venom against its armed forces. He declared that if he was going to stand with someone, it would be with the army chief. 

Nawab Sanaullah Zehri, the former chief minister of Balochistan, and numerous PML-N workers were a part of the convention held exclusively for workers. This was held in Quetta’s Metropolitan Hall. 

Nawaz Zehri had previously resigned from the party and accused Nawaz Sharif of betraying his allies. He claimed that the PML-N supremo had turned his back on all those who had supported him when he needed it the most. 

Lt-Gen (retd) Baloch declared that another reason why he resigned was due to PML-N’s recent transgression. He explained that Nawaz Zehri had not been invited to the rally held by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), which was held in the provincial capital of the province of Balochistan. 

He also revealed that there had been moments when the senior leadership of PML-N did not bother to take him into account or consult with him regarding issues of Balochistan. 

Baloch also talked about Maryam Nawaz and said that she only dreams of being the Prime Minister of Pakistan or she acts like the late Benazir Bhutto. He recalled how she had once asked him to call a meeting of all the female workers of the party. However, he claimed that Maryam refused to shake hands with any of the workers of the party, who had traveled from far-flung areas to attend the gathering. 

The retired Lt. Gen revealed how embarrassed he had felt due to the actions of the daughter of the former Prime Minister. He said that he had personally requested these women to attend the event, even though they belong to a conservative society. Baloch claims that the same arrogant attitude is exhibited by the PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif.