Coronavirus Positivity Ratio Increases to 9.71% in Pakistan

 On Monday, the coronavirus positivity ratio in Pakistan was recorded as the highest in months. Reports surfaced of the ratio climbing up to 9.71%, while the number of patients in the country continues to rise due to the second wave of the pandemic. 

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) is acting as the nerve center, as the government of Pakistan makes efforts to curb the large-scale spread of the coronavirus once again. The authority was told that around 81% of the total cases have originated from urban centers. Meanwhile, 4,503 smart lockdowns (SLDs) were initiated in different parts of the country. Due to this strategy of the NCOC, more than 1.5 million citizens of the country are currently under lockdown. 

It was also reported to the forum that the number of tests have also increased. Over the past two weeks alone, the total number of tests conducted were around 40,000. The City of Lights, Karachi, has reported to have the highest positivity ratio of 21.31%. Abbottabad followed suit with 17.86%. Next up was Peshawar with a positivity ratio of 16.66%. 

The NCOC was further informed about the positivity ratio in different federating units of Pakistan. Balochistan reported a ratio of 11.61% whereas, the percentage in AJK landed at 11.93%. When checked, the coronavirus positivity ratio in the capital city of the country was 8.2%. 

Overall, Punjab stated that 5.54% of the total tests conducted in the province turned out to be positive. K-P and Sindh reported a positivity ratio of 8.22% and 15.83%, respectively. Lastly, even G-B recorded a positivity percentage, which was stated as 2.89%. 

Additional data presented to the nerve center revealed that the current positivity ratio in Faisalabad is 5.28%, 9.74% in Lahore, and 12.09% in Rawalpindi. Quetta recorded a positivity ratio of 7.05%, whereas the city of Hyderabad had a positivity percentage of 14%. 

As of now, nearly 2,539 people are in critical condition and even this number is continuously rising. The NCOC was provided all these details by the provincial chief secretaries through video link. They also informed the center about SOP compliance and the administrative measures being taken for enforcement. These include closures and fines to mitigate the rise of the virus. 

In the last 24 hours alone, the number of people who contracted the coronavirus were reported to be 3,795. At least 37 of these patients lost their lives due to the pandemic. 

On the 1st of December, the country reached the grim milestone of recording 8,000 verified deaths. More than 2 million people in different areas of the country are under lockdown. Currently, the nation is trying to fight off the second wave of the Covid-19 virus.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of the country, Imran Khan and numerous other government officials are reiterating compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs). They are urging the masses to exercise extreme caution and follow all coronavirus guidelines to curb the alarming rise in the number of patients.