Information Minister Warns Against the Rising Coronavirus Cases

Shibli Faraz, the Information Minister, talked about the second wave of the coronavirus on Saturday. He stated that the government is taking effective steps to curb the rise in the number of cases but, requires cooperation from the citizens of the country as well. He appealed to the people and asked them to avoid public activities or gatherings that may put their or the lives of others at risk. 

He took to Twitter to tweet about the matter while urging people to avoid putting their health in danger. He said that the health of the public and the protection of the lives of the citizens is the first and foremost priority of the government. Faraz reminded people that the number of patients is significantly rising every day and thus, everyone needs to be careful and adhere to coronavirus guidelines. 

The Information Minister stressed that if the devastation of the coronavirus is to be minimized, people will have to follow precautionary measures. He urged that public gatherings should be avoided at all costs and standard operating procedures (SOPs), outlined by the government, should be abided by. 

During the pandemic, the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), has been appointed by the government to take the lead in curbing the spread of the contagion. The center reported the death of 71 patients in the last 24 hours along with 2,729 new cases of the virus. Consequently, Shibli Faraz took to the social media platform to warn people of the increasing danger to their health and lives. 

In the words of the NCOC, the death toll of the nation since the pandemic first broke out in the month of February has risen to a total of 8,724. Meanwhile, the total number of people who have contracted the virus in Pakistan is at 435,056. Of these patients, 381,208 have recovered from the disease so far. 

Included in the fatalities was Dr. Prof Zaibun Nisa. She was the head of the Pathology Department at the Khyber Medical College. Reports revealed that she had been admitted to the North West Hospital (NWH) in Peshawar for a week after testing positive for the novel coronavirus. 

On the other hand, in their daily update today, the NCOC reported that there are a total of 45,124 active coronavirus cases in the country. The center added that 2,470 patients are currently in a critical condition, battling between life and death. 355 people are currently on ventilators whereas, the Covid-19 positivity ratio is at 6.59%. 

The nerve center further added that in the past 24 hours, the most coronavirus related deaths occurred in the province of Punjab. Out of the 8,796 deaths in the country, 3,351 people were from Punjab. Sindh recorded a total of 3,149 fatalities. There were 1,463 deaths in K-P, 368 in the capital city of the country, 175 in Balochistan, and 99 in G-B. 

In the 24-hour period, 42 people died on ventilators, 3,369 tested positive for the coronavirus and 72 lost their lives to it.