Sindh Records the Highest Number of Coronavirus Deaths

On Wednesday, Pakistan reported a total of 105 coronavirus related deaths, which are the highest it has recorded since the month of June. These deaths together with all the previous ones have taken the death toll of the country to 9,010. 

The National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) reported that the most deaths were recorded in the province of Sindh, with Punjab following suit. According to the center, 70 patients of the disease lost their lives while on the ventilator. 

Multan reported the highest number of ventilator occupancy in the country. The city stands at 48% with Islamabad following up with 46%, Lahore with 34%, and lastly Peshawar with 26%. Meanwhile, Peshawar reported the greatest number of oxygen bed occupancy in Pakistan, which was at 64%. Rawalpindi reported 42%, Multan had 41%, whereas the oxygen bed occupancy in Islamabad was at 37%. 

Additionally, the center reported 2,731 new cases of the virus and the total number is now at 445,977. Roughly 388,598 patients have been reported to have recovered since the pandemic first struck. 

The NCOC went on to report that the positivity ratio in Pakistan is at 7.2%. The highest percentage was observed in the City of Lights at 18.76%, with Hyderabad at 16.56%, and Peshawar standing at 15.99%. Moreover, the national fatality rate of the country is now at 2.02% as compared to 2.22% globally. 

The reports further stated that of the 2.02% fatality rate, 70% were males and 77.5% were aged over 50 years. 73% were observed to have chronic morbidities whereas, 91% of the deceased remained in hospice. 58% of those hospitalized were placed on ventilators before they eventually succumbed to the deadly disease. 

Just a day earlier, the center had been informed that the positivity ratio was at 7.12%. However, the number has now increased and is a source of worry for the citizens and government of Pakistan. The public is being warned repeatedly of the drastic consequences of the virus and urged to adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) outlined by the relevant authorities.