Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and PM Converse Over Phone

On Saturday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, had a conversation over the telephone with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zyed Al Nahyan. The Prince is also the Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of UAE. Their conversation took place on Saturday and this development was viewed as significant.

Pakistan’s relationship with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia has seen its fair share of challenges. In the past few months, difficulties had arisen especially due to a few regional developments. But, the high-level contact between UAE and Pakistan suggested that their relationship is going to be back on track in the near future. 

This telephonic conversation occurred against the backdrop of news that UAE and Saudi Arabia rolled over a $2 billion loan. 

The loan had matured back in January and Pakistan was supposed to make the repayment for the money it owed to both countries. However, they extended the facility, which suggested to people that there has been a thaw in ties. 

Previously, Pakistan repaid $2 billion to Saudi Arabia despite the fact that the country was experiencing difficult economic conditions at the time, as well as depleting reserves of foreign exchange. 

A statement was issued by the office of the Prime Minister, which said that the two leaders together had decided to reaffirm the existing close fraternal relations enjoyed by UAE and Pakistan. Moreover, they reiterated their plan to further strengthen and solidify the multifaceted bilateral bond. 

In addition, the two talked about the coronavirus pandemic and international and regional issues of mutual interest. 

The crown prince, along with the premier agreed that their two countries will continue working closely to enhance and improve bilateral ties. The two expressed hope for cooperation in multilateral organizations as well. 

Furthermore, diplomatic sources have revealed that the Biden administration is likely to shift its Middle East policy. As a result, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are likely to come closer together. 

Just this week, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced that the country will no longer be supporting the Yemen war. This particular conflict was what led to a hiccup in the bond that Pakistan had with Arab countries. Back in 2015, when Saudi Arabia had first requested troops, Pakistan had remained neutral. 

However, now that the Biden administration is seeking a diplomatic solution to the Yemen war, observers believe that this will make matters less complicated when it comes to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and its allies.