Sightings of Wild Animals in the Capital City Cause a Frenzy

In a bizarre situation, the wildlife in Pakistan has sought refuge in the federal capital of the country, where it is coexisting with the local populace. 

After every couple of days, sightings of wild animals are reported either inside the premises of Islamabad or somewhere nearby. These reports have become somewhat bemusing for the residents. 

The coronavirus pandemic in the country has created unprecedented circumstances for the people, as well as the wildlife animals. The primary tourism spots in the country have been abandoned as people are mostly confined within the four walls of their homes.

Even during the lockdown, numerous pictures and videos of different animals were making their rounds on social media. In these, they could be seen taking a stroll in one place or the other in the capital. 

Due to the inflow of visitors at the Margalla Hills, these wild animals have also taken to roam around in the concealed parts of the area. The eateries that are located nearby, as well as visitors, are witnessed offering food to the animals. 

The eateries are one of the main reasons for the sightings of wild animals. In search of sustenance, the animals pop up in the vicinity of these restaurants and sniff around. The slightly bewildered but, mostly amused visitors take these moments to snap pictures or make videos. 

Pigs and various wild animals can be found in the area of Margalla Hills, Rawal Lake, Said Pur Village, and near Shakarparian. Wild boars can be seen prowling freely around the thoroughfares from evening till late at night. This has directly resulted in traffic accidents. 

Zain, a resident of the capital city, recalled that he had been returning home from work near midnight, when he heard some wild boars on the road. There were nearly six or seven of them and the resident rammed into one accidentally. Zain stated that it felt like he had collided with a solid wall, the force of which threw him up in the air. His head hit the road but, he was wearing a helmet and that saved him from a skull fracture.