Tareen Denies Having a Meeting with Gilani

The leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Jahangir Tareen, was recently questioned about rumors of him meeting Yousuf Raza Gilani, the leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party. The leader outright rejected that he had ever even been in contact with the former Prime Minister, and affirmed that his support and loyalty lies with PTI. 

Tareen was recently disqualified by the Supreme Court against holding any public office for life. He stated that he has always supported the PTI with his heart and soul and so, his loyalties will never change. 

Gilani was recently nominated to be the joint candidate for a general seat from the capital city of Pakistan in the upcoming polls in the Senate on the 3rd of March. His nomination came from the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), an 11-party opposition alliance. His opponent, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, the Federal Minister for Finance, is also contesting for the same seat. He was nominated by the PTI.

Soon after Gilani was nominated, rumors started circulating, according to which, the former premier had a meeting with Tareen and urged the PTI leader to support him as he contests for the Senate seat. 

Just last year, a gulf between the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, and Tareen widened after it was revealed that the PTI leader was involved in the sugar scandal. However, he laid blame on the principal secretary of the premier, stating that he was the reason that the two’s relationship was suffering. Khan and Tareen have been friends and confidants for a long time. 

Back when the Federal Investigation Agency was conducting an inquiry on the sugar scandal in June of 2020, Tareen travelled to United Kingdom and used a special aircraft to do so. However, he returned in a time span of five months. 

Ever since then, Tareen has made sure to maintain a distance from the Prime Minister, as well as other leaders of the ruling party. But, rumors have long been circulating that the PTI leader has been in constant contact with the premier by way of social media. It is also being said that Tareen provides suggestions to Khan when it comes to economic affairs.