Kite-flying Leads to Disruptions in the Transmission of Power

Kite flying has presented itself as a potential threat to the lives of human beings as numerous cases related to it have been recorded in the province of Punjab. People have been victimized by the sharp metallic threads used to fly kites, which have taken the lives of pedestrians, as well as motorcyclists. 

It has now also been revealed that these kites are responsible for causing power outages by getting entangled in wires and lines used for the transmission of power. 

A spokesman belonging to the National Transmission and Despatch Company Limited (NTDC) revealed that a handful of incidents of tripping at 220kV and 500kV transmission lines are being reported. The cause of these cases is due to the sport of kite flying in different areas of Kasur, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Attock. 

He disclosed that the frequent power outages in these areas have cause a major blow to the organization. In addition to the equipment of NTDC being damaged, the company lost substantial revenue as well. 

Adding further details, the spokesman said that the frequent tripping of transmission lines was observed to be happening due to the metallic thread, which is used in flying of kites. These incidents of undue tripping mostly occurred in different areas of Lahore, such as Gujjar Pura, Johar Town, Kot Lakhpat, BOR Society, Aman Town, Faisal Town, Iqbal Town, Shahdara Village, Sabzazar, Collar Wala Village, and Shalimar. 

The spokesman further added that the authorities of the NTDC had decided to take the matter to the district administration of these relevant areas. It demanded that strict action be taken against people flying kites, as well as those involved in the business of selling them. 

Thus, the capital police were instructed to carry ladders in their squad vehicles to conduct raids on all those rooftops where the youth are seen flying kites. 

As Basant rounds the corner, the police in Rawalpindi have taken to seizing kites on a daily basis. It is able to collect kites in figures of hundreds. Consequently, Islamabad police have also decided to bring in its own crackdown against the sellers of kites, along with those who fly them. 

Directions were issued by Qazi Jamilur Rehman, the Inspector General of Police in Islamabad, to the force to ensure that action is taken against the seller and flyers of kites in the capital territory.