PM Imran Adamant About not Letting Terrorism Take Over the Country

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, reaffirmed on Thursday that he is committed towards ensuring that terrorism does not take over the country once again. He added that he will not allow terrorism to rise when the nation made so many sacrifices in the past trying to defeat it. 

These remarks by the premier came only a day after around five people lost their lives in a powerful blast in the parking lot of Quetta’s Serena Hotel, late on Wednesday night. Two private security guards were amongst those who died. The tragedy also left 12 people seriously injured. 

The Prime Minister of Pakistan took to the micro-blogging website, Twitter, to talk about the incident. He said that he was deeply upset by the tragedy and expressed condolences for the lives lost. According to him, the terrorist attack in Quetta was only a cowardly and condemnable move. 

Reports also revealed that the situation was monitored by Khan himself in the late hours of the night. He delegated and directed the Interior Ministry to carry out a thorough investigation of the incident. He added that all of the aspects of the tragedy should be fully explored, and no stone should be left unturned. 

Earlier in the day, the banned party, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) went on to claim responsibility for the tragedy that occurred at the Serena Hotel in Quetta. A spokesman for the outfit added that the suicide bomber belonging to their group, used his car in the hotel, which was filled with explosives. 

However, police officials said that the initial investigation had yielded that the explosive device had been planted in one of the vehicles that had been parked in the hotel’s lot. 

Soon after the blast, a bunch of cars caught fire and as a result, seven of them were burnt to a crisp. The High Court, Balochistan Assembly, and a handful of other buildings located in close proximity, also had their window panes smashed because of the impact that the powerful blast had. 

Of those injured were two assistant commissioners who belonged to the government of Balochistan. They had been present inside the premises of the hotel when the blast occurred. They were taken to the Civil Hospital in Quetta right away, along with the other wounded people. Hotel officials claimed that some of their staff had also gone missing. 

Law enforcement officials further revealed that some Chinese officials, as well as the Chinese Ambassador, had taken up residence at the hotel. However, at the time the bomb went off in the parking lot, they were not present in the hotel. 

Officials on the scene secured it and deemed that the guests staying at the hotel were all safe. 

The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of Quetta later on conducted their own investigation, confirming that the blast was a suicide attack. 

As of now, sources have stated that the case has been registered at the police station of the CTD in Quetta.