Saba Qamar Announces She is Calling Off Marriage with Azeem Khan

Saba Qamar, a well-known actress, recently broke the internet soon after she announced that she was going to be tying the knot with Azeem Khan. However, in a recent turn of events, she has called off her marriage. 

Qamar and Azeem Khan, an entrepreneur and blogger, were hit with criticism soon after the announcement of their marriage went viral. 

When the actress had stated that she was going get married, fans everywhere celebrated her changed stance on marriage. However, the hate comments started to flow in when people found out who it was she was going to be marrying. 

Khan has been accused several times in the past for having problematic behavior, especially with women. Following the criticism of the decision made by the two, the entrepreneur took to social media to provide clarification for the allegations being made against him. 

However, the justifications did not seem to change Qamar’s mind. She took to social media to announce that she and Khan will be calling off their wedding on account of some personal reasons. She thanked her fans for always having her back and talked about realizing bitter realities. 

The actress further revealed that she had never met Khan face-to-face. They had only been in contact over the phone. 

Fans speculated that Qamar has once again lost her faith in marriage. They hoped that she will not give up on love due to this sudden turn of events. With the announcement that she was calling off the marriage, the actress went on to add that this is a difficult time for her. But, she expressed ‘this too shall pass’ in conclusion of her message.