Army Brought in To Ensure Implementation of SOPs


In recent news, the Pakistan Armed Forces has been brought in to help the civil administration ensure the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs). This is because the novel coronavirus is ravaging the economy, as well as the country.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has warned that it is likely that the government will move to impose city-wide lockdowns across all the provinces, if the spread of the contagion is not curbed.

This ominous warning from the premier came just as the deadly respiratory disease has apparently brought India to its knees. The neighboring country is struggling to keep its healthcare system intact as medicines and oxygen are running out. Meanwhile, crematoriums are overwhelmed due to the inpour of bodies.

The Prime Minister called out on people to follow the precautionary measures as outlined by the government. He added that half of this issue will be solved if people became strict about wearing face masks, while giving a televised addressed. His speech came only a while after the National Coordination Committee (NCC) had an emergency meeting in the federal capital of the country.

As of now, India is trying to grapple with the super storm of the deadly disease that has taken over the country. It recorded the highest tally of the number of coronavirus cases in a day, which came out to be 314,835. This massive spurt is said to be the responsibility of the government who lowered their guard and claimed a premature victory against the coronavirus pandemic.

The Prime Minister warned that if the situation in Pakistan worsens just like it has in India, the government will have no choice but to shut down the economy. He stressed upon how the country is not in a position to afford lockdowns because the poor will suffer, further aggravating the impact of the disease.

The leader went on to disclose that he is constantly being advised by his aides to impose lockdowns right away. However, he said that he is worried that the poor will go hungry if that happens.

The premier showed disapproval for the growing disregard for the precautionary measures. According to him, if the SOPs are followed in letter and spirit, the government and the health authorities will not be burdened. He asked the nation to show the same sense of responsibility, commitment, and resilience that it had shown when the first wave of the virus took over the country.

The Prime Minister added that he realizes that the people are now tired of living with the virus. But he added that complacency is not an option at the moment. In his opinion, the nation has to cooperate to stem the rise of the deadly disease.

Khan went on to recall how Pakistan was the only country last Ramzan that did not shut down its mosques. He commended the efforts of the prayer leaders, clerics, and religious scholars in spreading awareness amongst the people about the precautionary measures to be exercised related to the coronavirus.