BJP Remains Tight-Lipped on Offer of Medical Assistance from Pakistan


Despite the fact that the coronavirus cases in India, as well as its health system is struggling to make do, the government in the country has not yet said anything about opening up the borders and allowing Pakistan to help. Seeing the worsening conditions in India, Pakistan decided to step in and offered aid to its virus-ravaged neighbor. 

As of now, there is an alarming shortage of hospital beds and oxygen supplies in India. The number of deaths recorded are rising significantly, as well. But the government in New Delhi is still tight-lipped about allowing Pakistan to deliver some essential medical supplies to its neighbor. 

Regional experts had hoped that the fast-spreading pandemic would be the perfect opportunity for the two countries to make peace. However, even a deadly disease like the coronavirus has failed to bring about cross-border cooperation between the two arch-rivals. 

A Delhi-based peace activist, Dr. Devika Mittal, who has recently been on the rise, stated that suspended trade activities and closure of the borders will not help the two countries in resolving their disputes. She added that Pakistan and India will have to take one step forward and initiate dialogue to make peace. 

Being a proponent of peace, Dr. Mittal encouraged the political leadership in both countries to reach out to each other and offer unconditional support in all matters. She urged both sides to connect and support each other, especially during the pandemic. 

According to her, India and Pakistan should try to cement their relationship and develop better ties. At the time of her address, Dr. Mittal had been in the capital city of India, which has been under complete lockdown ever since the cases in the country rose sharply. 

She went on to say how both the countries had failed to win the battle against the coronavirus. Talking about Pakistan, she said that one country does not have vaccines in its possession. On the other hand, she said that India lacks oxygen. 

Dr. Mittal further added that while both countries are nuclear powers, they have both failed to defeat the coronavirus pandemic. 

Soon after the pandemic started to take over the world last year, India decided to sever whatever limited ties it had with Pakistan. Border exchange between New Delhi and Islamabad was brought to a halt. In addition, the newly inaugurated Kartarpur Corridor at the time had also been closed down, which had previously presented as a glimmer of hope as the relationship between the two countries worsened. 

These actions did not only lead to the prevention of regular movement but, Sikh pilgrims were unable to visit Pakistan to attend some of their holiest rituals. However, after much pleading, New Delhi decided to allow 800 pilgrims to travel to Pakistan.

Soon after, in order to appease his Hindu hardline base, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, once again sealed the border. This happened a little after these pilgrims travelled back to India after their rituals.