PM Imran Emphasizes on the Importance of Long-Term Planning for the Country

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, recently stressed upon the importance of long-term planning in each sector of the country. In his words, this is the key component that has been missing from all the sectors of the economy, and something that was overlooked during the tenure of other earlier governments. 

The premier had been addressing a gathering that took place at the launch ceremony of the first ever Green Eurobond (Indus Bond) of Pakistan, which has been brought into the market by the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). While giving a speech, he added that the current government has to do the work that should have been done at least fifty years ago. 

He recalled how the economy of the country was at its peak back in 1968 and was developing at a rapid pace. However, even then, the key component of long-term planning had been grossly overlooked. 

The Prime Minister talked about how he had felt he had set foot in a rich country after playing in a poor country, when he returned from India. However, he stated that in the last 30 years, India, as well as Bangladesh has gone on to make progress and we have been left behind. 

Khan extended his congratulations to the management of WAPDA for coming up with plans to build additional 10 dams in the country over the next decade. He informed that these dams would produce 10k MW of electricity, as well as clean energy that does not harm the environment. 

According to the premier, it is high time that the leaders of Pakistan begin to ponder over the climate and take measures to minimize the country’s vulnerability to it. He insisted that they should think about the future generations and take necessary steps to ensure that Pakistan is a better country when they grow up. 

Moreover, the leader of the country also talked about one of the largest projects that has been undertaken by the current Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government. He maintained that the ambitious plan to plant no less than 10 billion trees in the Islamic state will be completed before the end of 2023. 

He expressed hope that these trees will have a positive influence on the environment of Pakistan, as well as tourism, which will provide livelihood to the citizens. 

The Prime Minister further lamented that the pollution index in the city of Lahore is at a dangerous level, adding that it was once referred to as the City of Gardens. 

He went on to maintain that the government’s long-term project to plant trees will also cause a reduction in pollution in various areas.

Khan added that the education system in the country has a fragmented syllabus for various student, which has had a negative influence on the society as a whole. He revealed that the Minister for Education has been working hard to formulate a single curriculum for the students in the country. This includes the streamlining of all the madrasas in Pakistan.