Intern Teachers To Be Hired By The Government Of Punjab

The government of Punjab recently issued details regarding the appointment of intern teachers. This change will be made for a single academic year only and contractual or permanent teachers will not be appointed on the 13,736 vacant seats. The estimated total expenditure of these appointments is likely to be Rs. 130.4 million. 

As per the outline given, six phases will be carried out to recruit people from six districts. These individuals have already been short-listed as part of the first phase of the recruitment. Every phase after that will include six more districts, which is part of the project. The applications are open till the 15th of July and the list of all the applicants will be displayed on the 19th of July. 

The teaching interns will begin their teaching sessions after the summer vacations end and the new term begins. The term will be completed in the year 2022 by the annual examinations. 

Schools will recruit these interns only on the level of union councils (UCs). The eligibility criteria extend to unemployed candidates of the Panchayat Council and UC. The hired educators will also not be allowed to avail any transfer facility. 

The salaries of the primary class teachers have been decided at Rs. 720 in a day, which will result in Rs. 18,000 per month. Interns assigned to middle classes will be given Rs. 800 per day, taking the monthly salary to Rs. 20,000. Similarly, educators teaching matric level students will receive Rs. 1,000 in a day, and their monthly salary will be Rs. 30,000 every month. 

The age of the male interns will be between 20 and 50 years old, whereas the female interns will be aged between 20 to 55. Age leniency will also be allowed by the government given that the recruitment period extends to only a single year. Moreover, the education authority revealed that the teaching interns will be assigned to teach in schools located near their residences. 

The recruitment committee delegated to choose these interns will comprise of five members and school heads will be assigned to be the conveners of the committee. The recruitment procedure will involve a general member, a teacher who teaches the relevant subject, and a member of the school council. 

The interns hired to teach primary classes will have to have passed matriculation with a second division, middle classes hires should have passed FSC or FA with a second division, and the requirement for senior classes will entail a BSc or BA with second division. 

A total of 100 marks will be allocated towards the interview and the academic degree or certificate will have additional marks.