Ministry Representatives Called For A Meeting Related To Opening Of Schools

A panel of the parliament recently issued a summons for representatives of the Education Ministry. The officials have been asked to join the meeting so that the parliament may figure out why schools are still being reopened in the federal capital after a committee of the upper house instructed that summer vacations will be held in Islamabad. The vacations began on the 1st of July. 

The Senate Standing Committee on Education met with Irfan Siddiqui, the Chairperson, and addressed a letter to the Ministry of Education, summoning its representatives for clarification on the matter. 

With the temperature in the city readily rising, the parliamentary panel encouraged the Education Ministry to inform schools to start their summer vacations in the educational institutions in Islamabad from the 1st of July. The date that had been previously decided was the 18th of July. 

Siddiqui expressed concerns regarding the reopening of schools amidst the rising temperatures and scorching heat. He called out the Education Ministry for not abiding by the unanimous and clear instructions of the panel of the parliament. According to him, it has neglected the directives of the committee by keeping educational institutions open in the capital. 

The Chairperson also recalled the last meeting held with the Education Ministry, saying that the secretary had personally assured the committee that it would abide by the instructions given. Reports have further revealed that the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) issued a notice earlier, saying that summer vacations will only be given from the 18th of July, ending on the 1st of August. The FDE is responsible for overseeing the matters of around 423 educational institutions in the public sector. 

The letter written by the secretary of the upper house committee to the Education Ministry added that the directives of the Senate Standing Committee had been neglected, and the panel had been kept in the dark about it. In addition, no explanation or reason had been given regarding the matter either. 

Siddiqui asserted that such an action taken by the Education Ministry is an insult to the decision made by the committee. According to him, the members of the Senate Standing Committee had been deeply offended. He said that the panel has seriously observed the opening of schools and is expecting the representatives of the Ministry of Education to give an explanation at its next meeting.