Physical Remand Of Noor’s Murderer Extended By Two Days

On Monday, a court in the federal capital of Pakistan decided to extend the physical remand of Zahir Jaffer, the man accused of murdering Noor Mukaddam. He will now stay in legal custody for an additional two days. 

As per reports, Jaffer was presented in court by the Kohsar Police Station. He faced Sohaib Bilal Ranjha, the Duty Magistrate, after completing his previous physical remand of two days. The accused was provided with tight security and then brought to court. 

Sajid Cheema, Public Prosecutor, revealed to the court that a pistol had been found in Jaffer’s possessions. However, police officials are having difficulty locating his cellphone. A request was put in to extend his physical remand by two days, to give the authorities time to find the accused’s cellphone. 

The lawyer of Jaffer went on to argue that further remand is unnecessary since the police were able to recover everything that they wanted to. Shah Khawar, the man representing the father of the deceased, Shaukat Mukaddam, also showed support for the extended physical remand of the accused in front of the court. He revealed that further provisions had also been added to the current case, meanwhile, the co-accused had been remanded as well. 

After hearing the arguments of both sides, the court decided that it was in everyone’s best interests to extend the physical remand of Zahir Jaffer by at least two days. The hearing was adjourned by the court and the police were instructed to interrogate the accused. Jaffer will once again be presented in front of the court on the 28th of July. 

Just a day earlier, it was revealed that a court in the capital city of Pakistan had remanded both the parents of the suspect, as well as two of their employees. They were placed in the custody of the police for two days. 

The judgment was made right after the father and mother of the accused, Zakir Jaffer and Ismat Adamjee, were presented in court in front of magistrate Shehzad Khan. 

In addition, two aides of the suspect, Jamil and Iftikhar, were placed on physical remand for two days as well. 

The lawyer representing the father of Noor Mukaddam argued that the authorities were not following the judicial system. He requested the court to ensure that the parents of the suspect are also taken in by the authorities.