Son Of Legendary Sadpara Retrieves His Father’s Body From K2

In recent news, Sajid Ali Sadpara, the son of the famous and legendary Mohammad Ali Sadpara, has managed to retrieve the bodies of three climbers, who were previously missing. These bodies also include that of his father, who disappeared in February of this year, while trying to summit K2. 

The Information Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan, Fatehullah Khan, confirmed that these bodies were found at the Base Camp of K2, on Monday. Ali Sadpara, as well as two of his colleagues, Juan Pablo Mohr Prieto belonging to Chile, and John Snorri Sigurjónsson, a citizen of Iceland, were confirmed to have died on the 18th of February, just two weeks after they were declared missing on the ‘Savage Mountain’. 

On the 5th of February, the Base Camp had reported that there had been no contact with the trio. The three climbers had been trying an ascent in the winters without any supplemental oxygen. K2 had never been scaled in the months of winter. However, a Nepalese team had been successful in accomplishing the feat just a month before the beginning of the Sadpara Expedition. 

Sajid Sadpara had been accompanying the three at the time but had to abandon his summit because his oxygen regulator had malfunctioned. He had arrived at camp three. Ever since then, the search for the missing climbers had continued but had been thwarted by the bad weather. 

An official Twitter handle of the Sadpara team by the name Team Ali Sadpara, posted on Wednesday that the son had fulfilled his duty by securing the body of his legendary father at C-4. It praised Sajid Sadpara for single-handedly retrieving the body, which was on a dangerous slope, as well as managing to drag it all the way from the bottleneck to C-4. It further revealed that he had received some assistance from an Argentinian climber. 

Another tweet added that Sajid had offered Fateha, and then proceeded to recite verses of the Holy Quran, as he had been instructed to do so by his mother.

Team Ali Sapara informed that the climbers had managed to summit K2 in the winters. They had been frozen to death when a storm blew in, while they were on their way back down. 

The son of Ali Sadpara also recalled that it had been challenging to retrieve the body, as they had been on a very dangerous and technical slope. He added that the bodies of the fallen climbers were taken to a safe place, but retrieval from the bottleneck is not possible right away without putting many lives in danger. 

Sajid Sadpara went on to thank the entire country for the love, as well as the prayers, they had sent out to him and his father. He stated that the entire ordeal had proven to be quite painful for his friends and family. He requested that no photo or video of the bodies be shared, to show respect to the loved ones of the climbers who passed away.