China Asks Pakistan To Punish Culprits Involved In Gwadar Attack

In recent news, the Chinese Embassy located in Pakistan has expressed condemnation for the Gwadar attack, urging the relevant authorities in Pakistan to appropriately punish the culprits, who have been found to be involved in the terrorist attack. 

An emergency plan was launched in Pakistan by the Chinese Embassy, which demanded that the authorities take good care of the wounded and carry out a thorough investigation into the attack. A statement was released by the mission itself to inform about the ongoing proceedings. 

Two children, along with three other people, were severely wounded in a suicide attack. Of those injured was a Chinese national, who had been targeted specifically. The vehicle that was attacked was carrying a couple of Chinese nationals in close proximity of the East Bay Expressway, located in Gwadar, Balochistan. 

This is the second attack in the country to have targeted Chinese nationals specifically. Just a month ago, the Dasu dam site incident occurred in the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, due to which around 13 people lost their lives. This included four Pakistani citizens and nine Chinese nationals. 

Beijing has further urged the relevant departments of the government of Pakistan to take effective and practical measures to strengthen security protocols. They have also requested the country to look into upgraded security cooperation to make sure that such incidents do not take place again. 

The embassy went on to ask Pakistan to ensure that the injured Chinese national is given the proper treatment and care that they require. As of now, the person in question has been taken to a hospital in the city of Gwadar. The mission expressed sympathies towards the wounded citizens of both countries and offered its condolences to those who had been targeted without cause. 

The statement remarked how the security situation in the country of Pakistan has recently been quite severe. It mentioned that there have been a bunch of terrorist attacks in succession, which have resulted in the casualties of a couple of Chinese citizens. 

The Chinese Embassy instructed Chinese citizens in Pakistan to be wary of their safety and stay vigilant. It encouraged them to reduce unnecessary outings, as well as take effective safety precautions. They were told to follow the security guidelines that will soon be provided to them by the relevant authorities.