Fake Certificates Of Vaccination Place Inoculation Drive In Trouble

The country of Pakistan has successfully survived three consequent waves of the deadly coronavirus. The fourth spell, however, harbingers the highly infectious Delta variant, which has caused much frenzy. As of now, the government is scrambling to ensure that the cases do not rise, and stricter viral protocols are maintained. 

One of these protocols includes the emergency escalation of the country-wide vaccination campaign, where the citizens of the country are free to avail themselves of the immediate vaccination facility. Inoculation has been made mandatory for all private and public sector employees, along with those looking to travel. 

However, exigencies of immunization seem to have appeared and led to the opening of a new can of worms. It has been reported several times recently that fake vaccination certificates are being issued across the country. The relevant authorities of the government, as well as experts, are of the opinion that if this issue is left unattended, it could serve a major blow to Pakistan’s battle against the novel coronavirus. 

After the constant reports of fraudulent vaccination certificates, authorities have decided to take legal action against four employees working in the health department in Shahdara and Lahore. Authorities have also been delegated with the task to check and cancel any certificates that are discovered to be issued illegally. 

Currently, investigations are still being conducted but, sources believe that strict legal action will be taken against the people responsible of this scam, who was apprehended in Lahore. They will be charged under the Punjab Employee Efficiency, Discipline, and Accountability (PEDA) Act. 

As per whistleblowers on Twitter, the microblogging site, the payment being asked for to forget fake certificates is somewhere between Rs.2,000 to Rs.10,000, at some of the top government hospitals. The prices may differ based on the value of the vaccine. 

Some frauds, who have been alleged to be associated with the fake vaccination certificates, have also marketed their services on Whatsapp, as well as other social media platforms. 

A source who is familiar with the matter also explained the protocols being followed for the fraudulent vaccination certificates. According to them, the dubious vaccinators gave a standard form to citizens to fill out, which is similar to something that people would have to fill out when getting vaccinated at an authentic inoculation center. They said that the person’s vitals and other necessary checkups are also conducted to emulate an actual vaccination process. 

The source further revealed that the final phase of the administration of the vaccine is conveniently skipped. The data is then fictitiously added to the record system. Various cases like these have also popped up in the district of Mardan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P). Experts believe that these tactics have caused much trouble for the efforts of the province to ensure mass inoculation. 

A senior health official further warned that this matter should be dealt with right away since it is quite alarming and dangerous.