Instructor And Principal Booked For Sexually Assaulting A Student

Just recently, a female instructor and the principal of a seminary were booked on charges of sexual assault by the Pirwadhai police. The officials took them in soon after a student levelled accusations at them of assault and torture.

As per the first information report (FIR), the father of the victim said that his daughter has been receiving education at the seminary for the last seven years. He recalled that he had received a call from the management, asking him to come to pick up his daughter because she had lost consciousness. 

Soon after she woke up, the girl informed her father that the principal of the seminary had been trying to sexually harass her for the past five or six months. However, she had successfully avoided him in the past. She went on to accuse that the suspect that threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the things he had been trying to do to her. 

The FIR went on to state that one female instructor of the seminary took the victim to the office of the principal, where he made attempts to sexually assault her. However, the victim reported that when she resisted, the principal and the teacher tortured her. The father further claimed that his daughter was given some kind of medicine, which caused her to lose consciousness. In addition, she does not have a memory of what happened to her after she was given the medicine. 

The police investigating officer assigned to the case confirmed that neither of the accused had yet been arrested. The medical examination of the victim was also conducted to assess whether she was tortured or not. He said that the real circumstances for the torture of the girl would be unearthed only when the forensic laboratory report comes back. 

In a similar incident, a girl claimed that a classmate had raped her, who had continued to blackmail her after the act. She remarked in the FIR that she had been trapped on the pretext of studying together and then taken to a different location. The victim was then offered a drink, which caused her to lose consciousness. 

The girl revealed that she had been raped after fainting. In addition, the suspect had threatened he would upload her pictures and videos on social media. She mentioned being raped a couple of times by the suspect, who had gone on to extort money from the victim, as well.