Prime Minister Believes Misuse Of Mobile Phones Boost Sexual Crimes

In recent news, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has blamed the misuse of mobile phones to be the main cause behind the rising sexual crimes in the country. He placed blame on the devices, shortly after emphasizing how important it is to correctly use modern technology. 

These remarks were made by the premier only a handful of days after a female TikToker, as well as her companions, were assaulted and harassed by a large crowd in the Greater Iqbal Park in Lahore. The victim lodged a complaint with the police station located in Lari Adda, saying that she had been shooting a video in close proximity of Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day, when around 400 people began attacking her and her team. 

The TikToker alleged that the crowd of men had even picked her up and began tossing her around in the air. They had stripped her, and her clothes had been torn apart. 

While addressing the Punjab Education Convention being held in Lahore, the Prime Minister stated that in addition to imparting high-quality education to the youngsters in the country by using modern technology, it is important to educate them regarding religion as well. He laid emphasis on making young people aware of some of the qualities of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for the purposes of character building. 

He also took to commenting on the tragedy that took place at Minar-e-Pakistan, saying that the incident had proven to be quite disturbing. He claimed that such heinous acts are not a part of the culture of Pakistan, nor any religion followed in the country. 

The Prime Minister went on to recall that there was once a time when women in the West were not given the same respect that women in this country were. He said that the respect women received in Pakistan was exemplary. The leader seems to believe that a rise in such incidents is due to the fact that the children of the country are not being provided with proper guidance. He asserted that the primary reason for a rise in sexual crimes is the misuse of cell phones. 

The premier emphasized the need to educate the children of Pakistan regarding the qualities found in the Seerat-e-Nabi (PBUH). he expressed regret at the fact that rulers in the past had never stressed upon the importance of education in the country. He said that no one had even thought of bringing up the idea of implementing a single curriculum in Pakistan. The Prime Minister claimed that rules in the past had always prioritized short-term projects, such as the metro to gain publicity for election campaigns. 

In addition, he is of the opinion that the English medium education system imposed in the country only led to alienating students from their culture. He criticized rulers for not making more efforts to improve the education system. Khan openly showed disapproval for the three parallel education systems that exist in the country, namely English medium schools, government-owned schools, and religious seminaries.