Prime Minister Launches First Smart Forest In Pakistan

In recent news, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, launched the first smart forest in the country, at the Rakh Jhok Forest, located in Sheikhupura. This initiative was launched as part of the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project. According to the leader, the project is going to be hosting a number of issues and contribute an expected figure of $40 billion to the economy of the government. In addition, he hopes the project will create no less than one million jobs. 

Sources revealed that the smart forest project will operate via a surveillance system and sensors. 

While addressing the inauguration ceremony of the forest, the premier referred to it as one of the biggest projects in the history of Pakistan. He added that it is surely going to make significant contributions to addressing environmental problems, as well as other issues that the country is facing. Therefore, he asserted that the project is of utmost importance for the people of the country. 

The Prime Minister went on to say that a total of ten million trees will be planted in Sheikhupura’s smart forest, with the help of smart planning. He expressed joy at the fact that this was going to happen for the first time in the country. 

As he shared additional details regarding the smart forest, the premier said that the latest technology would be utilized to monitor the growth of every plant, as that is an important part of the scheme. He revealed that relevant authorities will also be alerted through sensors, should someone try to cut the tree down. 

Imran Khan further talked about how he believes the project will be an exemplary one. He added that it is going to change the country, as well as its environment. In his words, the biggest issue that Pakistan faces is that of water shortage, since it is one of those countries that is heavily being affected by climate change. He claimed that projects such as this one would be instrumental in helping address the issue. 

While listing the many benefits of the development project, the Prime Minister stated that it was also going to increase tree cover. Consequently, it would also help bring in tourists. He revealed that three barrages will be constructed on River Ravi. These will help in increasing the level of groundwater, which has been readily dropping. According to the premier, once the construction begins, related industries would also receive a much-needed boost. 

He said that the execution of the project had been quite challenging. He asserted that if it had been easy, the previous governments would have completed it. Imran Khan stated that Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar, and his team would complete the project, due to their commitment to it. 

He further applauded the Chief Minister’s team, saying that it is more than capable of seeing the project through and addressing any problems that may arise. In his opinion, a better Pakistan for the future generation is possible by making the country green.