Six More People Arrested For Being Linked To The Noor Murder Case

In recent news, further developments were made in the brutal killing case of Noor Mukaddam. The authorities arrested six more people, which also include Dr. Tahir, the man who owns Therapy Works. 

The prime suspect in the case and the accused murderer, Zahir Jaffer, had reportedly been practicing as a psychotherapist. He had previously enrolled in a certification course at the same organization.

A statement released from Therapy Works claimed that the primary accused had not completed his Level 4 training and therefore, was not permitted to take on clients. However, the organization deleted an Instagram photo from its page, which consisted of several Level 5 candidates. Jaffer was also featured in the picture. The authorities then felt compelled to lead a deeper investigation into the institute, which led to them questioning its legitimacy. 

As per the police in Islamabad, six individuals were accused of being party to the crime by concealing evidence. They had had a meeting with the father of the accused, Zakir Jaffer, and then committed the acts. 

Amongst the people arrested was a man named Amjad, who was maimed after Jaffer stabbed him on the day that he was taken in for the murder of Noor Mukaddam. 

An official from the Kohsar police station had presented the accused in court. Shehzad Khan, the district magistrate, had been overseeing the case and had given approval for the physical remand of Jaffer for a day. A day before, the police had arrested the gardener, who worked for the accused and placed him under judicial remand. 

The body of Noor Mukaddam, the 27-year-old daughter of a former Pakistani diplomat, was found in a posh area of the federal capital on the 20th of July. She had been beheaded by the primary accused, Zahir Jaffer. The police charged him with the crime and thereby, arrested the son of one of the wealthiest families of Pakistan, who is also a US national.  

After making the arrest, the authorities decided to move ahead with the case. They added relevant clauses, related to the law, to the murder. The case of Noor Muakkdam had sparked outrage all over the nation, and thousands of people had called on the authorities to ensure that the case was taken to its logical end. They had demanded that the family of the victim receive the justice that they deserve.