5 Ways To Prevent Infection During Covid’19

It’s been a long time since the world is battling with the Covid’19 virus and so many already lost their loved ones. We must give attention to precautionary measures that can help us not only to protect ourselves but the people around us from this deadly & never-ending virus.

The latest variant ‘Omicron’ has been introduced that is already affecting lives in different parts of the world and spreading rapidly all along. As per the doctors and experts, the new variant is far more lethal than the previous ones and it requires proper diligence to deal with it. The first two waves of Covid’19 saw people suffering and cause a lot of damage.

As the New Year gets started, Different countries have been planning for partial lockdowns and declaring certain restrictions to not let the virus spread like old times. As we enter into a state of fear, we must understand what precautionary measures we need to implement in our daily lives to keep ourselves safe.

Some of the most common precautionary measures:

Wear Masks:

A face mask is useful in covering the mouth and nose which ultimately helps in limiting the risk of virus transmission. The virus usually spreads through body fluid transmission. We must wear masks at all times and ask others to wear them to play their role in avoiding the spread of the virus. It is even recommended to wear two masks to minimize the risk factor.

Face Masks have become more of a fashion these days as we see people wearing matching masks with the dress. And this is a great way in promoting the use of masks daily.

Maintain hand hygiene:

Most of the viruses are transmitted from one individual to another through a handshake. It is advised and recommended by the medical experts that we must maintain hand hygiene inside the home as well as outside. This is that one habit we usually take for granted. 

We must carry hand sanitizer wherever we go to simply keep ourselves and others safe from the virus. It is also advised to wash frequently with Liquid hand wash.

Social distancing:

Social distancing plays a crucial role in avoiding the spread of the virus. We must avoid large outdoor /indoor gatherings at any cost to keep everyone safe. As the new variant is just on the rise, we must maintain social distance from others.


The use of vaccination is recommended to shield yourself from getting infected with the virus. The double dose of vaccination is often advised by the medical practitioners’ to grow the immunity of the body. There are different vaccinations are available in the market and you can get the desired one.


If a person starts to feel the symptoms of the coronavirus, the individual must isolate himself/herself at home to not let it spread to others. It is also recommended to get tested and start the treatment on an urgent basis.