A British Minister Claimed She Was Sacked Due To Her Muslim Faith

The Sunday Times has reported that A British lawmaker has told that she was removed from a ministry post in PM Boris Johnson’s Conservative government her colleagues were uncomfortable with her Muslim faith.

In February 2020, Nusrat Ghani, 49, lost her position as a junior transport minister, saying that she had been told by chief whip an organizer of parliamentary discipline that her Muslimness had been put up as an issue in her removal.

Mark Spencer, the government’s chief whip, that Ghani has made allegations against him. He told on Twitter that these are totally false accusations and are defamatory, as I have never used such words.

The prime minister’s office spokesman stated on Sunday that PM Johnson met Ghani in July 2202 to discuss the serious claims. The PM then wrote to Ghani expressing his concern and invited her to begin a formal complaint process, but later she did not do so. Prejudice or discrimination of any kind is not tolerated by the Conservative Party.

Ghani responded that the Conservative Party complaint process was not appropriate because her removal was related to her position in the government, instead of in the party. She added in her statement that she would have chosen for this to come out and pursued every avenue and procedure, she thought available to her, but what happened is known by many people.

The allegations came after one of Ghani’s Conservative colleagues told that he would meet police to discuss accusations that government chief whips had attempted to blackmail lawmakers suspected of trying to force PM Johnson from office.

The scandals have decreased public support from both Johnson personally and his party, bringing about the most serious crisis of his premiership.

The newspaper quoted Ghani said that she was told at the reshuffle meeting in Downing Street that “Muslimness” was discussed as an issue that her Muslim women minister status was making her colleagues uncomfortable. She further said that she will not pretend that her faith in the party has not shaken and at times she has considered seriously whether to continue as a Member of Parliament.

Spencer responded that Ghani had not put the matter to a formal internal investigation.

The report in May last year criticized the Conservative Party how it dealt with discrimination complaints against Muslims. It has also previously faced accusations of Islamophobia.

After this report, PM Johnson had to issue a qualified apology for any offense caused by his remarks, including a newspaper column where he referred to women with burqas as going around looking like letterboxes.

Keir Starmer the main opposition Labor leader stated that the Conservative party must investigate Ghani’s account immediately.

Ghani’s statements about chief whips behavior echoed allegations from another senior Conservative last week, William Wragg, who said that some of his colleagues had faced intimidation and blackmail because of their desire to overthrow Johnson.

Wragg told the Daily Telegraph that early next week he would meet the police to discuss the allegations.

PM Johnson has told he had never seen any such evidence which supports Wragg’s claims. PM office has stated that it’d look at any such evidence very carefully.

Sue Gray government senior civil servant will be delivering a report to the parties next week. Many Conservative lawmakers said that they will await her findings before deciding whether they will take action to replace Johnson.