Continuation Of Fencing On Pak-Afghan Border

Major general Babar Iftikhar held a press conference to assure that the fencing of the 2,600 kilometers on the Pak-afghan border is not stopped even after the incident that saw “The Taliban fighter” removing the fence. He called this act a “localized issue”. He added that the government is in constant touch with Afghanistan's interim government and the highlighted issue has already been addressed. 

Two of the incidents took place recently where it can be seen that Afghan fighters stopping fences and capturing barbed wire caught the attention of people after it went viral on social media. 

When the incident took place for the first time, Pakistan officials held a conversation with the Taliban government which results in both parties meeting the mutual agreement that the fencing along the border should keep ongoing. However, another incident happened in a few days that raised so many questions on the agreement that was made before.

Border fencing has been a controversial issue between countries for a long time since it started in 2017 to stop cross-border movement of any entity that can cause trouble or bad influence on the lands of both countries. The primary motive is to stop the terrorists and drug traffickers to keep the peace alive in the country.

Border fencing was started when the Afghan government disputes the status of the Durand line that separates Pakistan and Afghanistan as the international border. Several conflicts happened between the two countries because of the differences in the fencing project.

Taliban authorities believe that the issue of fencing needs to be sorted out through dialogue. Although the Taliban are still seeing the border as the Durand line that separates two nations Pakistan is determined and making the necessary efforts to give it a status of the international border.

Afghan foreign ministry spoke-person Abdul Qahar Balki shared his view on the social media platform believing the Durand line issue that caught the attention of people from both countries needs to be addressed by governments of both sides with talk and mutual understanding through proper diplomatic channels.

General Babar Iftikhar accepted that there are certain differences that both governments have on the fencing. He explained the Pakistan narrative of having an international border is very clear that it is very much needed for the security purpose and the regulation of any kind of trade and cross-border movement of people from both countries.

Taliban Spoke-person Zabihullah Mujahid, who is currently serving as the acting culture and information minister in the Afghanistan government has been asked about the same issue after they took over Kabul back in august in which he said that the afghans are dissatisfied and against the fencing. He added further that the fencing can divide families and separate people from each other and can add a lot to their misery. 

The ISPR chief said that the martyr's blood was involved in constructing the fence and the fence of peace will be constructed and will remain. According to him, almost 94% of the work has already been completed on this project.