How To Live A Happy Middle Age?

Mostly after the age of eighteen people start getting stressed and unhappy and this situation persists till they are sixty. But why do the happiness and feelings towards life start to change in middle life? It is the age when we struggle to make a career and find a good job, get married, and set life. Despite taking all the chances and working hard every day, why do we feel unhappy and stressed at times? 

Having all the responsibilities when the study ends and there is time to work hard to reach your goals. The time when people have children, raising them is surely stressful. This is also the age when they lose their loved ones and suffer from aging and diseases. Most of us want to escape this age and grow up more or die, but when we reach later ages we look back and think that life was good. We try to make ourselves happy and satisfied.

But there are some easy rules you can use in life to get rid of middle age crises or sadness. We never care about what we have and start looking at the little happiness when life span shortens. But our lives can greatly improve if we start to enjoy the relationships and company around us. It means calling your close friends sometimes to ask how they're doing or never missing an invitation from family or friends because of a hectic week or workload. Adopt a formula to spend your time on something important and long-lasting. Your work is not important than your relationships. 

In the joy of life and youth, people think that they can achieve anything, they overestimate themselves due to unrealistic expectations. Always know your strengths and weaknesses. Be very particular about what you can do and what you can't. Do not overstress yourself by assuming yourself and others as some sort of supernatural being. Instead of comparing yourself with others and worrying about what you have not gained, be realistic about what you have and what you can get further.

Thirdly keep in mind that you are not the only one struggling with these tensions. All the people have to pass through this phase of life during middle age. Share your feelings with your friends and repeat to yourself that this time will pass and things will fall into place. Remember that you are not alone in facing this and stop blaming yourself for anything that you lack. Always be positive about your personality and admire what you have. Look in the mirror and see yourself turning into a successful and mature person. Celebrate your success and cherish every moment of happiness that you get.

Most importantly live in the present. Do not think about your past mistakes and stop taking the stress of the future. Enjoy what you have now and consider the future as a foggy and distant object. People who consider the future as something constrained have a more realistic approach towards their goals and they ultimately achieve them.