Joe Biden Prepared For Summit Meeting With Putin Over Ukraine Issue

The United States has stated that Joe Biden is completely prepared for a summit meeting with Vladimir Putin if it'd be beneficial in reducing the threat to Ukraine posed through the Russian building up of army.

Tony Blinken secretary of the United States, additionally stated that Washington and its allies have been prepared to reply in writing in the next few days to Russian demands on the security of Europe and Nato future, which Moscow has stated have to be addressed to keep it away from taking military action.  But the secretary of the United States repeated their and Nato's standpoint that there could be no compromise on the principal issue of Ukraine and other nation's right of joining Nato in the coming future. 

After talks held between Blinken and Sergei Lavrov the Russian counterpart, in Geneva, the summit meeting was offered, after a long standoff over Ukraine which reached the point of a potential violent phase, with increasing concerns that Europe might also once more be surrounded by conflicts and war.

US secretary of the United States, later in his comments to the media emphasized that it was not the negotiations but rather an informal exchange of concerns, which had been significant in leading towards further talks.

Blinken stated that the Russian counterpart was told in the summit that in the coming days after the consultations with partners and allies we hope that we will be able to share our concerns and ideas in more detail with Russia next week in writing and after that agreed for further discussions. 

The Secretary of the United States further added that if it proves to be beneficial for the two presidents to meet and engage in talks, in an attempt to carry matters forward, I suppose we’re prepared for that. President Biden met with President Putin right here in Geneva. And both have also spoken by videoconference and on the phone on many occasions. And if we conclude it is the best way forward to resolve matters with further discussions, which we are ready to do.

Russian counterpart Mr. Lavrov stated that the Geneva talks were productive and beneficial. He further said he cannot tell whether we are on the right track or not. We will know that after receiving the written response from the US to all our suggestions.

The talks in Geneva were taken place after increasing evidence that Russia is reinforcing its military and laying the groundwork for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 

On the Thursday United States has sanctioned four Ukrainians allegedly involved to install a puppet regime for collaborating with occupying Russian force. Ukrainian Intelligence claimed that they have evidence of Russia moving weapons and oil in eastern Ukraine secretly.

Russia has toughened its stance on Friday before the Geneva talks. The Russian foreign office stated that Moscow was expecting guarantees of the west which include arrangements demanding Nato forces to leave Romania and Bulgaria, which have joined in 2004. That requirement underlines the extent to which Putin is looking for establishing the old Soviet Union’s influence.

The US and its allies have time and again indicated severe outcomes such as imposing economic sanctions against Russia, though not the military action, if in case of an invasion by the Russian army which is positioned near the border of Ukraine now for many weeks.