NCOC New SOPs Due To High Covid Rate

SOP’s for Schools

The provincial government has been directed by the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) to close down academic institutions for at least one week in regions with a higher Covid-19 positive rate. 

The pandemic control center told that extensive checking will be performed in academic institutes in the following two weeks.

The decision was taken after the National Command and Operation Centre, which functions as the control center of the country’s for anti-Covid strategy, in a communiqué on Friday stated that Covid-19 testing in education centers was conducted in main cities hit by disease to find out  spread amongst college students and for correct disease mapping.

It further stated that the data indicates a sturdy correlation among vaccination stages and infection ratio in numerous cities.

It has consequently been determined that extensive covid-19 testing will be executed in the schools and all other academic institutes for the following 2 weeks, especially in cities with high disease ratios.

According to the official statement, “Education centers/ buildings/ departments / particular classes with excessive positivity rate will be closed for one week”.

The control center for pandemic further stated that provincial officials in session with district health education authorities and school administrators will set up a threshold of the cases for determining the shutdowns.

It further added that the Federal team will carry out special vaccination campaigns in all schools to make sure 100% vaccination of students over the age of 12 years.

NCOC on Wednesday made an announcement of new restrictions in cities with an over 10% Coronavirus positivity rate.

In the meeting, it had been decided to impose a total ban on all sorts of indoor get-togethers, such as dine-in and weddings, and all kinds of contact sports activities in the cities in which the Covid-19 positivity rate is more than 10%.

In the Coronavirus hotspots, outside weddings were confined to 300 completely vaccinated people, whilst outside eating and takeaway will be allowed. According to the National Command and Operation Centre, Education activities have additionally been restricted in the virus hotspots.

The NCOC stated that Schools students below 12 years of age will have 50% attendance with 3 days according to week schedule, while schools with over 12 years of age students will have 100% attendance, including that vaccination was compulsory for all above 12 years of age students.

SOPs update for mosques to control Covid spread

The NCOC earlier today, additionally issued standard operating procedures (SOPs) updates for mosques and places of worship all over the country.

According to the SOPs issued on Friday, vaccinated people are only allowed to pray in the mosques or places of worship whilst wearing a face mask has been obligatory.

The worshippers would be required to preserve a social distancing of at least six ft and mosques were requested to take away mats and carpets from the premises.

The NCOC has additionally suggested aged and people with multiple illnesses pray at home and maintain minimum attendance for the prayer at the mosque.

The SOPs additionally advised the usage of hand sanitizer often and offering prayer in open areas or making sure ventilation to control the spread of the coronavirus. 

It additionally requested to do ablution at home and encouraged brief sermons in Friday prayers.