Warning For Vitamin Supplements Users

Thirteen essential requirements include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, and biotin. They are extensively classified as fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins. In the presence of dietary fiber, fat-soluble vitamins like E, D, and K. are stored in the muscles and fat tissues. Water-soluble vitamins are more effective and are not permanently stored in the body. They are mostly from citrus fruits, mostly vitamin B and C. Natural vitamins like vitamin D, it is also known as the sunshine vitamin, and probably only supplements not harmful for the body. Folate or folic acid is also an essential component of vitamin that aids vitamin B12 in the production of red blood cells. Biotin is necessary for protein and carbohydrate breakdown and synthesis.  It is also required for the production of hormones and cholesterol.

Supplements though benefit your body but yet they have certain side effects which raise certain questions about them. For example, some pills may strengthen your liver but affect your blood pressure or heart. This means that not every supplement is good. As the Covid-19 attacked all the countries throughout the globe the fame of supplements especially vitamin supplements increased dramatically. Supplements are helpful to boost your physical health, this theory has become a doubtful approach in recent years. But the supplements are harmful, this hypothesis however is not yet proven. Antioxidants are at the top of this list because they increase aging and diseases. Beta carotene, vitamin c, and, vitamin e increase the level of harmful cholesterol in the body which can lead to heart diseases.

Adversely affect the working of the liver however it does not indicate that people cannot use these vitamins. As the vitamins are antioxidants and combat free radicals which destroy the human body tissues. Also, some other research has proven that antioxidants stop the immune system's working against harmful cholesterol. Low-density lipoprotein which is the most harmful type of cholesterol is not broken down by the liver. The least harmful cholesterol particles keep moving throughout the arteries and form clots or plaque. It can result in myocardial infarction. 

Vitamin c and beta carotenoids prevent the breakdown of harmful cholesterol but vitamin E goes a step further and locks and blocks the activity completely. Many researchers have suggested that antioxidants can be harmful to the heart and liver. 

Doctor Ronald Krauss, added that excessive use of antioxidants can be a severe warning for many people as it causes fatal diseases. The clinical trial about the benefits and safety of vitamins has not been done to prove that they are truly valuable. Other than taking the supplements blindly, you should take a diet rich in vitamins and make a proper diet chart so that you do not need chemical formulas to boost up your health. Other than intaking supplements that have negative effects as a byproduct, it is advised that you take all the vegetables and fruits as well as sunlight.