Russian Military Invasion Of Ukraine

On Thursday a full-scale military operation on Ukraine is launched by Russia, with airstrikes on military camps and cities by sending tanks and soldiers from multiple directions. The government of Ukraine appealed for help as civilians are gathering into cars and trains to escape.

The United Nations refugee agency stated that almost more than 100,000 population had fled their homes in Ukraine and thousands more also left their country after the neighbor Russian forces started the invasion on early Thursday.

Occupying Russian forces moved deep inside Ukraine as violence escalated, causing dozens of causalities and raising, the likelihood Moscow will march on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, meanwhile the West is imposing punitive sanctions in its response.

As per the AFP count from Ukraine official sources at least 68 individuals were killed which includes both civilians and soldiers.

In a day of the fierce fight, Russia dropped missiles and shells on Ukrainian cities, which forced civilians to take shelter under metro systems, with so many displaced due to deadly airstrikes.

A main strategic airfield was captured by Russian forces near Kyiv and the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site is still massively contaminated with a radioactive substance.

In Brussels, a senior Western intelligence officer told that Ukrainian air defences have been destroyed by the Russian forces and it is now looking to gather massive forces around Kyiv the capital of Ukraine.

The ministry of defence stated that a Russian transport plane Antonov AN-26 has been crashed in the southern Voronezh region of Russia near Ukraine killing all its onboard crew members.

Eyewitnesses have told AFP that swooping in with jets and helicopters from Belarus direction Russian paratroopers has seized the control of Gostomel airbase. The airbase now could provide a strategic station for Russian forces to transport in troops who could then launch an attack on Kyiv's presidency and government buildings.

Western intelligence has stated that Russia is now looking to gather massive force around the capital of Ukraine and complete air superiority over Ukrainian airspace has been established by Moscow.

In other places, Russian land forces have entered Ukraine from north, south, and east which forced countless Ukrainian people to escape from their homes after continuous bombing sounds repeated. Defence minister from Moscow stated that the objectives of the day had been successfully achieved by its armed forces, earlier claiming that 70 Ukrainian army targets including 11 airbases have also been destroyed.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that just like in the Cold War, now there was a new iron curtain between Russia and the rest of the world countries.

The United States President Joe Biden announced to cut down more than half of Russia's high-tech imports through export controls against Russia, along with imposing sanctions on Russian banks and its corrupt billionaire elites.

President Biden earlier stated that the G7 group of wealthy countries had agreed on imposing damaging economic sanctions on Russia. He also stated that the United States' additional military forces were not moving in eastern Europe to fight for Ukraine but to defend the Nato region.

Weeks of diplomacy could not deter President Putin to gather more than 150,000 armies near Ukraine’s border areas which according to West was Europe’s biggest army build-up after WWII.