Russia Seeking Financial And Military Support From China

According to the United States officials, Russia is asking China for military hardware for the Ukraine war and economic assistance to thwart the sanctions.

The US officials were persistent in not sharing the source of collective intelligence on Russia’s request and further turned down the request to describe what type of financial support or military equipment Moscow is requesting. The US officials also refuse to discuss any response by China to these requests.

The coalition with Putin has been strengthened by President of China Xi Jinping, who stood by Putin while Russia escalated its military operation in Ukraine. United States officials are observing closely whether China act on such requests of supporting Russia. The White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan has met with Yang Jiechi member of the Communist Party of China's elite political bureau and the Central Director Foreign Affairs Commission of the party in Rome on Monday. Sullivan's intentions were to caution Yang that the US will not be allowing any lifeline to Russia from imposed sanctions by any country from anywhere in the world, he stated. The meeting took place a day after American officials have informed the New York Times regarding the Russian request to China for economic and military support. It was scheduled as a follow-up review before President Xi and Biden's video summit meeting in November.

A spokesperson from the Washington Chinese Embassy, Liu Pengyu stated that we had never heard of such a request made by Russia. Ukraine's present situation is certainly discomfiting and Beijing would like to see a peaceful solution.

The Biden government is looking to present China the repercussions in case of any cooperation with Russia and the penalties it could face if continue or advance its support to Russia. Some American officials stated that it could be possible to discourage Beijing from stepping up its support to Moscow. As national leaders, Putin and Xi have met 38 times which is more than any other government head and both share the ambition of weakening United States power.

Historically, it is China that bought the military hardware from Russia and not the other way around. Russia has expanded its weapons sale to China in the last few years. But Russia could have advanced drone and missile capabilities from China for use in its Ukraine war. China was criticized by the White House last week for supporting Kremlin in spreading propaganda about Ukraine and US. China is also engaged in the nuclear discussion of Iran, which has been obstructed due to new demands made by Russia. The United States officials are trying to assess that to what level China would be supporting the Russian stance in upcoming talks. 

Former and present United States officials are saying that the meeting in Rome is crucial, considering the lives at risk due to the current war in Ukraine and chances of China and Russia forming a united geopolitical front against the US and its coalition in the coming years. Some of the United States officials are hoping to find a way to convince Xi to distance himself from Putin’s war. And for other Xi is also a lost cause and like to contain both China and Russia.