In Multan Jalsa Imran Khan Said Do Not Bow Before Thieves and Robbers

On Friday the former prime minister and Chairman of PTI Imran Khan stated that until it gets rid of chains of slavery Pakistan could not become a great nation.

While addressing in Multan rally the ex-prime minister criticized the coalition government, especially the Sharif family, and told the masses not to bow their heads before the robbers and thieves.

Imran Khan thanked the people of Multan at the beginning of his speech for their warm welcome in the city and stated that he pray to Allah for awakening the conscience of the nation.

Imran Khan has been holding rallies in different cities of the country to prepare the masses against the present government as he is demanding fresh elections in the country. The rally of Multan would be the last before his party starts the long march to the capital city of Islamabad.

The PTI Chairman stated that he will be announcing the date for the long march between May 25 to May 29 but he did not mention the specific date. 

He further said that no revolution could succeed in the world without the participation of the youth and women of the country.

The former premier stated that for the last 30 years the country had been ruled by corrupt leaders who were busy looting the country, the reason they could not make any difference. He also reiterated that his government was toppled through the conspiracy backed by the US.

He stated that the fear of losing his job and humiliation makes a big man, a small one and the country could not turn into a great nation until such fear shackles are not broken. 

He said that Prophet (PBUH) break those shackles and helped the Muslims to rule the world. He also gives examples such as no one could become a big businessman until he feared losses and in fear of death, no soldier has ever gotten medals.

He stated that Edmund Hillary conquered his fear before climbing Mount Everest. He also said that similarly the fear has been imposed by the corrupt rulers that until we don’t polish the US boots we couldn’t progress.

The chairman of PTI deplored that unfortunately, the rulers of the country bowed down before America, which bought a bad repute to the country. 

Imran Khan also stated that when he was prime minister of the country the opposition conspired against him forcing him to forgive the corruption cases against them and give them another NRO.

The chairman of PTI stated that, if he would have forgiven the corruption cases then it would mean that he did not come to power for running the justice movement which is based on an ideology, but then it meant that he came to do the same politics for a seat as General Musharraf did and forgave them for saving his seat.

Imran Khan stated that the present government should be allowed to rule but the country is heading towards bankruptcy and also forecasted the rise in inflation considering the dollar rising prices.

Imran Khan demanded that the assemblies should be dissolved and elections should be announced asap.