Marriyum Aurangzeb Said IK IS A Threat To State

Marriyum Aurangzeb Information and Broadcasting Federal Minister stated that ex-prime minister Imran Khan was continuously making attempts to spread anarchy and unrest in the country and became a threat to the state.

While addressing the media she noted that in the meetings held by PTI, the institutions of the state which also include the judiciary are being abused for spreading anarchy and unrest, only because Imran Khan is not in the government anymore.

When asked to comment on the statements made by PTI Chairman Imran Khan in regards to the ‘neutrals’ who did not opt to stop the foreign conspiracy against him, she replied that hate speech and remarks against the institutions do not come under the right to freedom of speech and whoever is doing that would be proceeded according to the law against it.

The minister stated that there will be legal action against anyone who attaches to the institutions of the state, and it is the responsibility of the government which it knows very well how to carry out.

The Federal Minister stated that the violation of the Constitution of Pakistan and disrespectful contempt for the law of the country could not be tolerated and allowed to become a norm.  All such attempts should be dealt with as per the law in such a way that would serve the future as a deterrent. In Punjab the PTI was already repeating the same actions which made the government take the necessary action, she stressed. She also warned Imran Khan that his incompetence and corruption could not be hidden under his narrative of conspiracy.

The Federal Minister stated that Imran Khan has inflicted the worst damage to Pakistan through social degeneration, introducing abuse, cursing, hooliganism, and indecency as an essential part of the politics of the country. She stated that the government of Imran Khan caused the economic turmoil, which could be fixed in near future, but it would take a lot longer time to rectify the social degeneration caused by his actions. She stated that Imran Khan for his vested political interests gave an illegal subsidy on petrol for deceiving the public, without taking the federal cabinet and ECC into confidence on the given subsidy, leaving the economy of the country in a complete mess.

While replying to the question regarding PM Shebaz Sharif and his other delegation members meeting in London with PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, she stated that PML-n leaders made a private visit at their own expense and not borne by the Pakistan government. She also explained that consultations were taking place in the meeting on how to deal with the inflation left behind by the previous PTI government. 

She also alleged that Imran Khan is answerable to all the questions with regards to the transgressions in the constitution he made from April 3 until April 11, and also held NAB hostage, where announcements were made two days before NAB made arrests. The minister stated that the government of Imran is responsible for inflation, claiming that in 2018 when PML-N completed its term, inflation was 3.9%, but when the PTI government left it was at 13%, whereas food inflation was at 2.3%, but after in PTI government it reached 15%.