Muslim Countries Pressurizing India for an apology from BJP

On Monday the government of India manage to calm anger at home and abroad after the derogatory remarks made by BJP members regarding the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) after Pakistan and other Muslim countries put continuous pressure on India to apologize for hurting the millions of Muslims sentiments around the globe.

As per the Reuters, around 38 people were arrested in Kanpur for rioting and another protest was also held in Mumbai.

According to the foreign ministry official of India's statement, High Indian officials are actively managing the diplomatic fallout due to more Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Iran, Oman, Maldives, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and al-Azhar Cairo University are demanding an apology from the Indian Government due to the derogatory remarks made by the Indian politicians.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) stated that the insults come in the context of an increase in the intensity of hatred and insults towards Islam and systematic Muslim harassment in India.

Resolutions of condemnation were passed by National Assembly Senate. OIC, Riyadh, and Tehran slam India for insults toward Islam.

Hijab is banned at educational institutions in several states of India through decisions made by 57 member bodies, and the Indian government's bias is reflected through the destruction of Muslim properties.

Neighboring Islamic nations officials such as Pakistan and Iran summoned the Indian diplomats to present in these countries for protesting against the BJP official's comments made against Islam.

The external affairs ministry of India stated that the offensive comments and tweets did not reflect the Indian government's views.

The Indian government spokesperson Arindam Bagchi stated that very strong action has already been taken against those people by the relevant departments.

On Sunday the BJP stated that it had expelled the official and spokesperson who was responsible for hurting the minority community sentiments.

 Saudi Arabia welcomed the steps taken by BJB of suspending the spokeswomen, whereas Qatar Embassy senior official in New Delhi stated that the government of Modi must distance itself publicly from such comments.

Qatar officials stated that economic ties can be directly impacted by hurting our religious sentiments. Reports are also coming out about the boycott of Indian goods in some supermarkets in Qatar.

According to a Reuters report, Indian products are also removed from shelves by supermarkets in Kuwait. Shelves with Indian goods such as spices, sacks of rice, and chilies were covered with plastic sheets by supermarkets outside Kuwait. Arabic sign boards displayed stating that we’ve removed the Indian products.

Late on Sunday Iran's state news agency IRNA stated that Iran followed Kuwait and Qatar and summoned the ambassador of India to protest for its people and government.

Both parliament houses in Islamabad passed the resolution and condemned the leaders of the BJP for their remarks about the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

The chairman of the Senate stated that the resolution will be sent to the secretary-general of the UN to register the protest with him about this matter.

The National Assembly also passed the resolution demanding strict action by the government of India against the offending leaders of the BJP to ensure that such comments should not be repeated in the future. It also asked the international community to take notice of the anti-Muslim policy of India.