Imran Accused PTI MPAs Of Being Bribed With Rs500m To Buy Their Loyalties

Allegations are put forward by Imran Khan, Chairman of PTI on Wednesday that Co. chairperson of PPP Asif Ali Zardari is involved in bribing MPAs of his party to change their loyalties against Imran Khan before the elections of the chief minister of Punjab.

In a recent tweet, Imran Khan stated that they are offering Rs. 500m to buy MPAs. The main character behind this game is Asif Ali Zardari who got NRO because of his corruption and is bribing people with the money being looted from the people of Pakistan. He asked for his imprisonment.

Imran stated that such a heinous act is an attack on the democracy of Pakistan and detrimental to the moral values of this society. He also raised a question on the Supreme court that these kinds of acts could be deterred by taking action against them and these traitors could be stopped.

The same accusations were made by PTI leaders, who claimed that the government is using police and intelligence services to intimidate and pressurize the MPAs of their party to rig elections. At the same time, PTI leader Shahbaz Gill claimed that Asif Ali Zardari and the PML-N had paid Rs 250 million for a PTI MPA. He added that on Imran Khan's orders they are going to protest in Liberty Chowk Lahore.

In the meantime, Fawad Chaudhry said that Masood Majeed had gone to Turkey after being paid Rs400 million in bribes. He alleged Zardari of bribing. Chaudhry reported that the apex court has received affidavits from three additional MPAs detailing how they were given bribes in court.

Attaullah Tarar is accused of taking part in the purported scheme to bribe PTI MPAs. How many MPAs have been contacted is unknown. Nobody who engages in such behavior will ever win the public's forgiveness.

Tarar held a press conference of his own where he denied all of the charges brought against him. He urged Chaudhry to prove his assertions under oath by the Holy Qur'an or he would be expelled from politics forever.

Regarding the allegations regarding the Rahim Yar Khan MPA, Tarar asserted that Chaudhry Masood Ahmed had left the party in April and blasted the opposition group for being ignorant of its members, and remarked that other resignations might follow.

Tarar counter-accused by alleging that Parvez Elahi and his son Moonis Elahi had bribed PML-N legislators in Punjab.

Tarar claimed that a PML-N politician was contacted while doing Haj and offered a Rs. 100 million bribes and Moonis had met an old female PML-N MP in Faisalabad and pleaded with her to change sides with the MPAs in Islamabad.

According to Tarar, the PML-N would also present "all evidence" if the case went to court. Saeed Ghani responded angrily to Chaudhry's remarks, calling them "false and ludicrous."

He asserted that Chaudhry's remarks showed that PTI MPAs were unwilling to support Parvez in the chief minister race and that the PTI was attempting to place the blame for its internal disputes and inability to control its members on third parties.