Shehbaz Sharif Expresses Concern About The PM, President And Deputy Speaker, Being Spared In March

ISLAMABAD – PM Shehbaz Sharif stated on Wednesday that when the President, PM, and deputy leader violated federal Law in March and were never summoned by a grand jury. He accused the judicial system of having standards and stated that the country is run with fair treatment for all. He stated there should be no distinction between his treatment as well as that of his opposition.

I'm speaking about the double standards but will tell the truth while trying to stand on the National Congress floor. "Users will have to base a decision on equality and what is correct," the prime minister said in the National Legislature on Wednesday evening. He noted that the country also couldn't progress if justice was not served. 

Shehbaz Sharif traces the origins of suo moto notifications back to a chief judge that used to take any notice day or night.

There are no two views that court system summons you, and that they should be treated with respect, and everyone should be considered equal," he said.

The majority of the respondents did not point to suo moto notifications, but that the judiciary must provide full equality based on fairness for all. He asserted that when he was summoned, he every time treated concerning the judicial system.

He reaffirmed that the Charter is sacred since it describes the boundaries and abilities of all organizations, such as Parliament, the judicial system, and the executive, as well as that they must represent the nation while trying to remain within their legal limitations. 

Shehbaz stated that bribery was at its peak during the previous PTI government's tenancy, which was confirmed by Global Competitiveness and other international institutions, but still, no suo moto charges were brought at the time.

The PM claimed that the nation was now going to face a three-million-ton wheat scarcity as a consequence of the elected government's ineffectiveness. He also brought into question why the PTI's overseas financial case was not officially confirmed in the past 8 years. I did not carry any foreign donations from other countries.

Shehbaz stated that he would pass away the day he confronted allegations similar to those from the overseas financial case, and questioned why and how the Director General commissioner had not granted a verdict. No one noticed when the state's financial sovereignty was jeopardized while making an agreement with the IMF, so when the helicopter, as well as Malam Jabba instances, were closed, and then when the BRT Peshawar instance was also closed, according to him.

Our women were detained, but no one noticed, yet no one started to notice when Imran Khan's sister was given release by the FBR, he, says, adding that no suo moto notification was obtained whenever the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) shuttered the Moonis Elahi trial. He recounted that no suo moto notification was released when Imran Khan stirred up his employees to conflict and urged people to destroy electricity bills, as well as when he declared that the nation would've been divided into 3 sections.