Over 2,000 Officers Are On Duty To Provide Safety For The Muharram 9 Convoy

ISLAMABAD: All healthcare institutions within the capital have expressed alarm, and 2,200 cops are going to be obligations during Muharram 9 convoy. It is interesting to note how an immediate crisis has already been declared in all national capital healthcare institutions to engage with either unintended scenario. 

Rooms have now been made available to patients in the event of an accident, or an abundant amount of plasma and prescription medications have also been organized. In the meantime, Islamabad Capital Police Head of security Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan investigated safeguards for the convoy on the Weekend and opted to boost monitoring & roaming in multiple regions. 

As per information, a gathering was held just at the National capital Police Office to evaluate safeguards, which was headed out by the police chief's inspector general (IGP) Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan.   

He stated that the Senior officer Superintendent of Police (Procedures), Sohail Zafar Chatha, will indeed oversee all safeguards. Mr. Khan guided officers to sustain regular contact with unity committee members and majalis and procession organizers. 

All aircraft of the Islamabad officers had been given instructions on core values and the standards alignment for the proposal's achievement. A state of emergency has been declared in the area's healthcare institutions, and a routing strategy has been devised for Muharram.                                          

He stated that the event staff' collaboration with law enforcement and police officers should have been guaranteed. The DIG had also directed that policemen stay alert throughout pilgrimages using gated and guarded community cams, automobiles, detection systems, & robotic cams (Safe City). 

At Vibrant City Islamabad, the main control room has now been set up. Officers and paratroopers will also protect imam dargahs. Based on a declaration, Mr. Khan directed officers to make sure that caravans follow predetermined paths at scheduled intervals. All branches of the Islamabad security forces, as well as workers, must work together closely. 

According to the IGP, pass entrances should be implanted throughout all activating or processions' entrance and departure marks. Armed patrol investigators should meet all processional pathways, and policemen would have to be available on the roofs of buildings among all imam dargahs. 

According to the IGP, female police officers must be assigned to female reunions. He also instructed SSP (Roads) to order an alternative road strategy, introducing that car parks must be located far ahead of imam dargahs.                                                                         

With over 1,000 route law enforcement positioned to help with pedestrians or make sure the area's security, traffic wardens have devised a strategy for Muharram (10th 0f Muharram). 

According to a security official, public transport would be rerouted to replace pathways. The path from Commission Bazar to Iqbal Route will also be shuttered, with a detour at DAV College Bazar, in which all kinds of pedestrians will be prohibited from crossing College Route. 

Whenever the convoy approaches Naya Mohalla, the flow will be strictly forbidden to enter DAV College Bazar forward toward Fawara Bazar. According to Chief Patrol Officer Naveed Irshad, full proof of pedestrian safety will be supplied for Muharram pilgrimages.