Shahbaz Gill Accused Of Some Other Offense, As Well As The Driver's Wife, Arrested

ISLAMABAD/KARACHI: PTI member Shahbaz Gill was accused of another violent act on Thursday (vanishing evidence and providing false information), whereas his driver's wife, as well as brother-in-law, have also been detained in connection with supposedly aiding mutiny as well as sedition.

In the meantime, on Thursday, a Karachi jury released ARY News CEO Ammad Yousaf first from the case.

Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) Section 201 — "causing the elimination of proof of a crime or providing false information to display offender" — had already been got to add to the FIR filed at Mr. Gill, as per capital law enforcement officers.

Mr. Gill was detained just two days ago on sedition charges and instigating the public against governmental institutions in response to his offensive comments about the army on the media outlet. Mr. Gill's driver/assistant, Izhar, has been with him during the time of his detention at Islamabad's Banigala Chowk as well claimed he was confronted with violence during the incident.

According to police, the tracing of the ARY News program wherein Mr. Gill emerged, as well as test results of his voice, were given to the FIA for speech matching.

Officials stated that Mr. Gill had his mobile with him at the moment of his arrest, but it disappeared completely when researchers arrived to retrieve it to submit it to the FIA for forensic analysis and data recovery.

Rather than a smartphone, investigators discovered him with such a feature phone (one with toggle inputs or a small non-touch display). When asked, Mr. Gill stated that he had left his mobile phone in Banigala, but researchers suspected he was trying to conceal the truth.

They suspected Mr. Gill either had left his mobile phone in his car during arrest or discarded it elsewhere and believed that the phone was now in the possession of his driver.

The researchers also sought information about the location out of which Mr. Gill showed up on the news segment via an audible call, as well as the storyline from that he was perused. Even so, while the PTI commander revealed where he popped up in the update, he denied trying to read from a storyline. Even so, the investigators kept insisting that either Mr. Gill was trying to read from printed work or that the audio was noted.

FIR filed against the driver and the others

According to the FIR filed against Mr. Izhar and many others, Mr. Gill — who has since been held in custody in police detention — revealed all through questioning that he had given Mr. Izhar his cell device, which consisted of significant details about the case against him, at the time of his detention.

According to the FIR, he told investigators that Mr. Izhar still had his phone but was also living at his in-laws' house.

Following this discovery, a special plundering group was formed and dispatched to the residence where Mr. Izhar was planning to stay at 1:40 a.m. on Thursday, according to the FIR.