The IHC Gives Protective Bail To Imran Until Thursday In A Terrorism Case

In a terrorist activity case filed against him due to "threatening" a female judge & senior policemen at a protest gathering, the Islamabad High Court issued Imran Khan barrier protection bail until Thursday (August 25).

The ex-prime minister was charged on Sunday under Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act (prison sentence for terrorist acts) for comments he made at a rally in Islamabad on the day of Saturday.

Imran's defense attorneys, Babar Awan & Faisal Chaudhry, submitted a petition in the IHC earlier today trying to seek bail before arrest on his behalf.

A 2 member bench comprised of Judicial Mohsin Akhtar Kayani & Justice Babar Sattar heard the request and inquired about just the registrar’s office's concerns.

Awan notified the jury that opposition to advancing the correct forum had been brought up on the plea. So according to Justice Kayani, a biometric data objection was also brought up.

Awan asserted during the litigation that Imran's Banigala house had already been "surrounded" and also that "he even cannot approach the pertinent court." He requested that the court give Imran barrier protection bail so that the appropriate forum could've been contacted.

"It's your jurisdiction if the jury desires to utilize its power to grant pre-arrest bail," he got to add.

Justice Kayani stated that the appropriate forum was indeed the anti-terrorism judicial body and ruled out the chance of Imran being granted pre-arrest bail at this time. The court then granted Imran protective bail until Thursday and instructed him to show up by then.

Awan, on the contrary hand, requested that the court prolong his bail by one day. He tried to claim that three days was insufficient.

According to the petition, Imran was a "target of the governing PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement) for his ferocious criticism, as well as incredibly bold and blunt standpoint against corrupt practices and corrupt politicians."

And to accomplish this malicious agenda, an untrue and foolish criticism has been enrolled against him by the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) authorities at the behest of the current government, it continued.

The petition also asserted that the government had made the decision to "go to any length" to detain Imran "on bogus accusations" and also was "hell-bent on sorting out the complainant and his group at any cost."

The government has decided to "illegally and unlawfully victimize" the petitioner in an unauthorized attempt to settle a political score, it said, announcing that the government had recorded 17 FIRs against Imran.

It went on to say that the most current FIR against Imran was "politically driven," with "mala fide specific intent and hidden agendas to humiliate" him.

Furthermore, the plea stated that the FIR was filed after an "unspecified undue delay of 24 hours." "The components of the FIR show that the accusation offense is not proven." The situation at hand warrants further investigation."

All the while, many other governing alliance members, such as Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb & PPP's Farhatullah Babar, condemned Imran's comments about the jury and police.