This Movement Will End Only When The Election Dates Are Announced: Imran

Former Prime Minister & PTI Chairman Imran Khan has stated that his movement for true freedom against the governing coalition will not end until initial and transparent election results are announced.

You continue to be ready. I will issue a [protest] call when my adversaries believe Imran Khan has decided to give up, and that day is not far away," he said on Saturday at his party's power show in Punjab's Rahim Yar Khan district. "I'll call you when I start believing I can take 3 wickets in one ball... I am observing our activists' preparations and will issue a call when I genuinely think we are fully prepared.

Imran stated that his much-publicized call for the next strike against the ruling coalition would be his last and that he would not step another protest or hold a long march after that.

That call will be issued to save Pakistan through unrestricted and transparent elections. We have no other option but to hold elections to save the country.

The country's economic woes cannot be solved without peace and stability and a strong government, according to Imran, who added that only unrestricted and transparent elections can be brought economic stability.

Replying to Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah's caution against marching on Islamabad, Imran said in a message to him that peaceful protest was his party's democratic right. "Rana Sanaullah, who should be in prison, is trying to lecture us on democracy.

Rana Sanaullah, open your ears to hear that somehow this time we will arrive with 'full planning. Everyone knows how much Rana Sanaullah will do, but no one understands what I will do, he said, referring to the violence that his party's workers faced during their brief long march in May.

I have never got to witness such mass awareness as I am witnessing today... I've never seen my people come out of their houses in hot weather, he added. Imran began his speech by saying thank his followers for gathering in great numbers and standing in line for his speech. They [PM Shehbaz and his representatives] are choosing to stay in expensive hotels to impress those from whom he [PM Shehbaz] is asking for donations, he observed.

He added that PM Shehbaz was imposed on the nation not because he possessed any leadership qualities, but because he was willing to take orders from all powers, including the IMF.

The PTI chief stated that the nation has no destiny if such corrupt leaders continue to rule it, such as PM Shehbaz and his child, who have been set to be indicted in a money laundering case.

Imran stated that they had obtained an NRO and closed corruption scandals worth Rs11,000 billion.

We have no future if we admit the thievery of Rs11,000 billion as well as the slavery of these 'imported rulers. Taking a jab at Prime Minister Shehbaz for seeking international donations for disaster victims, Imran said the nation would have to settle national interests by accepting foreign aid because there is no free lunch.

He claimed that incumbent rulers were attempting to disqualify him because they were afraid of the power of the people. Four people have decided behind closed doors to assassinate me... they are still functioning on this plan," he claimed.