Marriyum Aurangzeb Said IK IS A Threat To State


Marriyum Aurangzeb Information and Broadcasting Federal Minister stated that ex-prime minister Imran Khan was continuously making attempts to spread anarchy and unrest in the country and became a threat to the state.

While addressing the media she noted that in the meetings held by PTI, the institutions of the state which also include the judiciary are being abused for spreading anarchy and unrest, only because Imran Khan is not in the government anymore.

When asked to comment on the statements made by PTI Chairman Imran Khan in regards to the ‘neutrals’ who did not opt to stop the foreign conspiracy against him, she replied that hate speech and remarks against the institutions do not come under the right to freedom of speech and whoever is doing that would be proceeded according to the law against it.

The minister stated that there will be legal action against anyone who attaches to the institutions of the state, and it is the responsibility of the government which it knows very well how to carry out.

The Federal Minister stated that the violation of the Constitution of Pakistan and disrespectful contempt for the law of the country could not be tolerated and allowed to become a norm.  All such attempts should be dealt with as per the law in such a way that would serve the future as a deterrent. In Punjab the PTI was already repeating the same actions which made the government take the necessary action, she stressed. She also warned Imran Khan that his incompetence and corruption could not be hidden under his narrative of conspiracy.

The Federal Minister stated that Imran Khan has inflicted the worst damage to Pakistan through social degeneration, introducing abuse, cursing, hooliganism, and indecency as an essential part of the politics of the country. She stated that the government of Imran Khan caused the economic turmoil, which could be fixed in near future, but it would take a lot longer time to rectify the social degeneration caused by his actions. She stated that Imran Khan for his vested political interests gave an illegal subsidy on petrol for deceiving the public, without taking the federal cabinet and ECC into confidence on the given subsidy, leaving the economy of the country in a complete mess.

While replying to the question regarding PM Shebaz Sharif and his other delegation members meeting in London with PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, she stated that PML-n leaders made a private visit at their own expense and not borne by the Pakistan government. She also explained that consultations were taking place in the meeting on how to deal with the inflation left behind by the previous PTI government. 

She also alleged that Imran Khan is answerable to all the questions with regards to the transgressions in the constitution he made from April 3 until April 11, and also held NAB hostage, where announcements were made two days before NAB made arrests. The minister stated that the government of Imran is responsible for inflation, claiming that in 2018 when PML-N completed its term, inflation was 3.9%, but when the PTI government left it was at 13%, whereas food inflation was at 2.3%, but after in PTI government it reached 15%.

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IK Said in Sialkot Jalsa If Something Happens To Him Recorded video Will Be Released


On Saturday the Chairman of PTI Imran Khan stated that if anything happens to him, he will release the video that he has recorded about the characters who are behind the conspiracy against his government.

While addressing the Sialkot jalsa the ousted prime minister stated that to end his life a conspiracy was hatched and although he know about it earlier, now he has enough evidence to confirm it.

Taking into account an alleged conspiracy to kill him, the chairman of PTI stated that he has recorded and stored a video in a safe place in which he has revealed all the characters who were behind the conspiracy of ousting his government.

The chairman of PTI stated without mentioning the names they have planned to kill me, and that is why I’ve recorded the video as what I’m doing, I do not consider politics, but for me it is jihad.

Khan stated that he has mentioned the names of all the people in his video who were involved in the conspiracy at home and abroad. “I’ve told the names of every person in the video who have conspired against my government are carved on my heart.”

The chairman of PTI stated the cause behind making his video was that powerful individuals in Pakistan are not held accountable, therefore, he will expose all who went against the interest of the country through his video.

Khan stated that during his government, he desired to hold the corrupt politicians accountable because the powerful individual who could do corruption have accepted it now as a norm.

The ex-prime minister urged the public to come out of their homes against the current government in support of PTI, as if they don’t do it, they will have no future.

A series of rallies have been held by the ousted prime minister across Pakistan in different cities, which include, Lahore, Jhelum, Mianwali, Karachi, and Peshawar, as he prepared his party workers before Islamabad march against the current government. 

Khan stated that by taking a suo moto on the no-confidence vote night, the judiciary has taken a good initiative by opening the gates of the courts. 

He told the judiciary that against CM Hamza Shahbaz, his brother Salman Shahbaz and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Rs24 billion corruption cases were filed.

Imran Khan said that tells him about a country where government authorities make cases against you and you remove all those officials who come into power, who are investigating these cases against the corrupt politicians.

Khan paid tribute to former FIA director Dr. Rizwan who continued investigating cases of corruption against the Sharif mafia. But, Dr. Rizwan came under pressure and passed away due to a heart attack, when the PML-N government came into power and pressurized him. Khan alleged that yesterday Nadeem Akhtar who is another FIA official also suffered from a heart attack.

The chairman of PTI informed the judiciary that the institutions were destroyed in front of you and if the institution's condition keeps deteriorating, then the country can’t survive.

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Small Traders Scheme Of Fixed Tax Expected In the Budget


On Saturday Miftah Ismail Federal Minister of Finance agreed in principle for introducing a fixed tax plan for small traders to resolve all the tax-related issues of trade and small businesses with the condition of providing the unregistered customers Computerized National Identity Card - CNIC numbers.

In the meeting with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) delegation which is led by their President Irfan Iqbal Shaikh, and held by Federal Minister of Finance Miftah Ismail at the Finance Division. The FBR senior officers and chairman were also present in the meeting.

The Federal Minister of Finance said that the business-friendly and pro-people budget will be presented by the government including workable suggestions from all the stakeholders.

According to the Business Recorder sources, the case of small businesses from all over the country was presented by FPCCI. Miftah Ismail agreed for introducing a fixed tax rule with simple documentation for small traders.

The finance minister slams the economic policies of PTI stating that the budget deficit increased to Rs5.6tr in the fiscal year 2022. It was also mentioned that the businessmen have to provide the CNIC of the unregistered person to whom the sale is made, otherwise, the corresponding input tax amount would not be allowed.

The FPCCI told in the meeting that no problems should be created by FBR against the business community by seeking unregistered customers CNICs because an extra three percent sales tax has been also charged other than 17 percent sales tax in such cases.

According to the sources, it is very much likely that in the upcoming budget the condition might be withdrawn.

As per the sources, the export of surplus sugar was also discussed in the meeting. And the export of the surplus sugar might be authorized.

The delegation was welcomed by the finance minister, who shared that the present government's prime concern is macroeconomic stability. That is why the government's commitment is to ensure the financial discipline via effective policies for improving the overall growth level of the country.

The finance minister was congratulated by the president of FPCCI on his new role as federal finance minister and gave different proposals for him to be considered in the Federal Budget of 2022-23. The FPCCI members proposed multiple steps to be taken for increasing the efficiency in the agriculture and industrial sectors.

Some issues are also notified by the FPCCI members related to taxation which is faced by the business community of the country. The minister of finance was also requested to consider the requested proposals for addressing the issues.

The effective role of FPCCI in acting as a bridge between small traders and the government was acknowledged by the minister of finance. The present economic condition was highlighted in the meeting. The FPCCI members proposed budgetary suggestions for different economic sectors and were commended by the minister of finance.

For listening to the proposals the delegation of FPCCI thanked the minister of finance, assuring their cooperation and support in improving the economic stability of the country.

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President Of Ukraine Truce Appeals For Trapped Civilians In Steel Plant


The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated on Thursday that the civilians who are trapped under the steelworks bunkers in Mariupol after the bombardment of Russia need to be taken out.

In the early weeks of the military operation after failing to capture the Ukrainian capital Kyiv in which thousands have been killed and many villages and towns are flattened, the Russians have increased their attacks in eastern and southern Ukraine, which includes the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol.

The resistance of Ukraine at the steel plant underlines the failure of Russia in capturing the major cities in the war that has the support of Western powers which are arming Kyiv and punishing Russia with sanctions. In a major historical shift, Finland and Sweden are expected soon to decide whether to join NATO.

Russian army promised to stop its attack in Azovstal from Thursday daytime for the next two days for allowing the civilians to leave, after what is described as bloody battles by Ukraine fighters on Wednesday which blocked the evacuations. The Kremlin stated that humanitarian corridors were in place in the plant.

According to the officials from Ukraine, around 200 civilians were remain trapped in the underground bunkers network along with the fighters at the Soviet-era complex of Azovstal.

Zelensky stated in his early morning address, that Ukraine is ready for a ceasefire in the port city of Mariupol which is controlled by Russia after weeks of siege apart from the steel complex.

Zelensky said that is it simply time taking to take out the civilians from those basements and underground shelters. Because we could not use heavy equipment in the present conditions to remove the rubble away, which has to be removed by hand.

Azov regiment commander of the Ukrainian army Denis Prokopenko stated on late Wednesday that inside the Azovstal the Ukraine army is fighting very difficult and bloody battles.

The general staff of the Ukrainian army has stated that the Russians assaulted the plant with air support and the Russian fighters released the pictures which appeared to show the flames and smoke surrounding the steel plant.

Among dozens of evacuees who managed to reach the town controlled by Ukraine this week, Tetyana Trotsak stated that God forbid the bunkers were hit by more shells where the civilians are present, also describing that it took her two and a half-hour of walk to get through a short stretch of ground covered with rubble at the complex.

Mariupol is an important target for Russia to cut off Ukraine from the Black Sea metals and grain route of export and also to link the territory controlled by Russia in the east of the country to Crimea, which was seized by Russia in 2014.

This week hundreds of civilians were evacuated from this city and other regions by Red Cross and United Nations.

The United Nations humanitarian office stated that 300 civilians were evacuated on Wednesday from Mariupol and other areas of south Ukraine, but no one was from Azovstal among those civilians.

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Pakistan asked Saudi Arabia to take action against who raised slogans at Masjid-i-Nabvi: Rana Sanaullah


On Friday Rana Sanaullah the Federal Interior Minister of Pakistan stated that the Pakistan government would request the Saudi government to take the action against those who misbehaved with their ministers and raised slogans at Masjid-i-Nabvi.

The Federal Minister made his remarks during the press conference today joined by Qamar Zaman Kaira Adviser to PM on Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir Affairs.

Rana Sanaullah stated that the ministry of interior is asking for advice from the ministry of law to take legal action against the offenders.

He expressed his anger at the shameful act of violating the holy place's sanctity and stated that last night what happened in Madinah was saddening and damaged the image of Pakistan.

He stated that the incident at Madinah was preplanned and it is not difficult to stage such a protest with the help of 50 to 100 people.

Referring to the incident that happened in Masjid-i-Nabvi, he stated that Marriyum Aurangzeb was harassed while Nawabzada Shahzain Bugti was also physically assaulted.

Rana Sanaullah said that his ministry is requesting the Saudi government for taking the appropriate action against it so that such behavior should be controlled. We will also inform them that the whole Pakistani nation was going through a stressful time when they came to know what was happening at the holy mosque.

He further said that the government will also request the Saudi government to identify the offenders via CCTV camera footage and share the details with the Pakistan government for taking action against them.

The Federal Minister stated that all of them should be sent back and should not be allowed to stay in the city of Madinah, as they do not deserve to stay at holy places with such actions which could spark religious disharmony.

He also stated that the ministry of law will also be asked for assistance to file the cases against them in Pakistan.

He also gave a message to Sheikh Rasheed the former federal minister who hinted that something may happen at the holy places, that there is a limit to everything. Our temperament was tested by the PTI government in the last four years and they must have realized the strength we have. I would like to advise them to fight democratically, but, do not cross their limits.

PTI Chairman Khan was also slammed by the PML-N leader for provoking the sentiments of people against his rivals.

Rana Sanaullah stated that Imran Khan should abstain from spreading hatred and anarchy only to achieve his political goals in the country. He stated that the former prime minister is also targeting the government institutions for the same purpose.

He also stated that Imran Khan is answerable to the public for PTI's bad governance in the last four years.

Qamar Zaman Kaira also condemned the disgraceful act by the handful of offenders at the Muslim's second most sacred place.

Kaira stated that Khan must stop the hatred spreading practice and divisions created in society for his interest. He also stated that Imran Khan is doing the politics of fascism, believing that only his party has the right for living in the country.

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The Suicide Bomber Women was a Teacher From Baluchistan


On Tuesday the terrorist woman Shari Hayat Baloch who had targeted the teachers from China outside the University of Karachi was from the Baluchistan Kech district.

Shari Hayat was born in Tehsil Tump on Jan 3, 1991. Her father had worked at the University of Baluchistan and retired as a registrar. She has seven siblings including four sisters. Shari Hayat has two children, a daughter, and a son. Her daughter Mahrosh is 8 years old and her son Mir Hassan is 4 years old. Shari Hayat had her Master’s in Education degree in 2014 from the Allama Iqbal Open University after she also had masters in Zoology degree in 2015 from the University of Baluchistan. It is told that she was also studying Physics in the Department of Physics at the University of Karachi but it is not yet confirmed. In 2019 she got a job in Baluchistan Education Department and till the end worked there in the Government Council Middle School as a teacher, which is located 20kms from Turbat, Baluchistan at Union Council Kalatak. She was a teacher of science for female students.

Dr. Hebatan was the husband of Shari Hayat, a dentist and a lecturer at a medical college in Baluchistan. He is also presently studying for a Public Health master’s degree at Jinnah Sindh Medical University. Last month, he was looking satisfied and normal during a picnic party arranged by the university. Dr. Hebatan was regular in his classes. USAID funded this batch of 30 students from Baluchistan providing them accommodation in a four-star hotel as well as fees and their monthly stipend.

According to the sources, the terrorist Shari Hayat started her nationalist politics from the Baluch Students Organization in her student days and also belonged to a well-educated family. Around two years back she joined the banned Baluchistan Liberation Army’s Majeed Brigade, where she was trained as a suicide bomber.

According to the sources her family came to know about her terrorist attack through the media channels and since then they are not responding to the media due to security reasons. There is propaganda on social media that she had committed the suicide attack to avenge her missing members of the family. However, her family sources stated that it had never happened.

According to the sources, most members of her family are well-educated and working in lucrative government department positions. The sources also expressed that they do not know that she was also a student at the University of Karachi.

The reports were also coming out of her husband fleeing the country. The sources also stated that the husband was living in a hotel near the Jinnah hospital and she was also living there along with her family. It was said that her husband was also part of the training program in Jinnah Hospital and he praises her on social media immediately after the blast.

The sources also stated that her husband was also involved in the blast incident and might be the mastermind of it. He and his children were not seen before the blast and as per the reports they might have fled from the country.

According to the sources, the suicide attacker entered the Silver Jubilee Gate of the university and the woman handed her a briefcase last minute before the blast.

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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Assured China That Pakistan Will Not Rest Until Suicide Attack Criminals Will Be Brought To Justice


On Tuesday China was assured by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif of Pakistan that the government will not be resting until the criminals who are involved in the suicide attack in Karachi on the Chinese citizens are caught and brought to justice.

The statement was made by the PM Shehbaz Sharif when visited the Chinese embassy in Islamabad to meet the Chargé d’affaires Pang Chunxue and condoled with her over the deaths of Chinese citizens in the incident. A special condolence message was also sent by the prime minister to the President Xi Jinping of China during his visit.

As per the PM's office, the prime minister expressed his grief and sorrow over the deaths of Chinese citizens in the suicide blast which has taken place at the University of Karachi.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif stated that the whole Pakistani nation is in a state of shock and grief due to this brutal attack on Pakistan’s iron brother.  The premier also extended his condolences and heartfelt sympathies to the government of China, its citizens, and affected families.

The Premier assured that Pakistan condemn the terrorist attack in its strongest words and is committed to eliminating all such forms of terrorists and terrorism from the soil of Pakistan.

The premier informed the Chinese diplomat that their government will be investigating this incident speedily and the culprits will be given exemplary punishment. He also told that he has instructed Rana Sanaullah the Interior Minister of Pakistan to visit Karachi by tomorrow.

PM Shehbaz stated that we will not rest until the criminals are brought to justice, arrested, and punished by death who have taken the lives of Chinese citizens.

The premier also told that the government of Pakistan would arrange the repatriation of the injured and the dead bodies to China.

The premier has stated that he has ordered foolproof security for the citizens and institutions of China. He also wrote in the condolence book while visiting the Chinese Embassy.

State Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, Federal Ministers Rana Sanaullah, Marriyum Aurangzeb, and Ahsan Iqbal accompanied the premier during his visit to the Embassy.

Four people were killed including three Chinese citizens, whereas, four others were injured in during the car explosion which took place on the premises of Karachi University.

A suicide blast was carried out by a burqa-clad woman as per the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD).

The blast took place in a van at 1:52 pm near the Confucius Institution which is a Chinese language teaching center at the University of Karachi. After the explosion, the security agencies and rescue teams rushed to the area and cordoned off the location, starting the rescue operations.

The deceased Chinese citizens are identified as Confucius Institute Director Huang Guiping, Chen Sai, Ding Mupeng, and Khalid who was their Pakistani driver.

The four individuals who were injured, two of them identified as Chinese citizen Wang Yuging and a security guard named Hamid. All of the injured are presently hospitalized and receiving treatment.

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Nawaz Sharif Criticized At Imran Khan That He Took U-turns On Everything Why Anyone Would Conspire against Khan


Nawaz Sharif the supremo of PML-N rebuked the ex-prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan for backpedaling on his every promise and stated that the chairman of PTI has broken the back of Pakistan’s economy, hence there was no good reason for foreign conspiracy against Khan.

Nawaz Sharif asked the ousted prime minister while addressing the press conference in London along with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Chairman of PPP, have you participated in carrying out an atomic blast?

Nawaz Sharif who was removed from the prime minister’s office by Supreme Court in 2017 stated that during the government of PML-N the economy of the country was heading in the right direction.

Nawaz stated that now we have to repair the damage which has been done to the economy of the country. And also emphasized that ousting Imran khan from power was necessary for the development of the country.

He also stated that there has been never such a hostile environment of politics in Pakistan as it was during the tenure of the PTI government. Only hooliganism and immorality culture was promoted by Khan.

Noticing that there was a huge challenge the new government is facing, he suggested for collaboration of all the parties to resolve the issues of Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif stated that now Pakistan needs to work together as we saw during the Imran Khan’s four years in power, he took U-turns on every promise he made and always did the opposite of it.

Mocking the chairman of PTI, Nawaz stated that Khan claimed that he would take his life before asking the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for financial assistance. He stated that till now he did not take his own life.

Concluding his address, Nawaz Sharif thanked Bilawal Bhutto for visiting his office and informed the journalists that tomorrow they would be holding another meeting, without providing any details.

Bilawal Bhutto while speaking with journalists in London stated that the coalition government is trying to the restoration of the country’s democracy once again. 

He stated that there was a democratic conspiracy against Imran Khan and not a foreign conspiracy. And this conspiracy was hatched in Bilawal House and not in the White House.

He stated that sacrifices made by Nawaz Sharif for democracy were evident in front of everyone and mentioned that he came for meeting the supremo of PML-N as today everyone become on the same page to resolve the issues of Pakistan.

He stated that PPP and PML-N will solve the issues of Pakistan once become on the same page and he also urged all institutions of Pakistan to stay within their constitutional parameters.

He called Imran Khan's removal the premier historical incident further stating that PPP and PML-N together made history in the past.

Bilawal also talked about the efforts made by both parties to overthrow the former premier government. It took around four years for the joint Opposition to end the rule of the selected government via a no-confidence motion in a constitutional way.

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Finance Minister Miftah Ismail Asked PM Shehbaz Sharif For A Petrol Subsidy Decision


Miftah Ismail who is recently appointed Finance Minister stated on Wednesday, that the petrol subsidy for May and June allowed by the previous government is Rs96 billion which is a big burden for the current government.

Finance Minister while speaking at the National Press Club during a meeting with the Press also accompanied by Marriyum Aurangzeb the Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting stated that landmines had been left by the PTI’s government for the current government.

The finance minister stated that Shehbaz Sharif's government has been put in trouble by Imran Khan due to not taking diesel and petrol tax. The subsidy is given through the nations’ money and the cheap petrol is not a favor.

He mentioned that Rs21 on petrol and Rs52 on diesel subsidy given by the government due to which Rs68 subsidy was paid from the national exchequer for the month of April.

He also added that the decision will have to be taken by the prime minister as we couldn’t keep this up. It is double the cost of civilian government administrative expenses.

Finance Minister stated that the coalition government would make every effort for restoring the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) program with IMF. He stated that the government would take all necessary steps to restore the program and the government is willing to tighten its belt without putting any extra burden on the people.

He said that despite the PTI government creating all odds, the government would be presenting a development-friendly and people-friendly budget. He expressed his hope that the rupee value would not further slide and the performance of the market would also improve.

Miftah Ismail stated that a 6.1% growth rate had been left by PML-N which in the PTI government's first year reduced to 1.9% and –1% the following year.

He also stated that similarly, inflation based on Consumer Price Index (CPI) has risen from 3.9% to 12.7% and the Sensitive Price Indicator has jumped up to 17.3%. Rural inflation has been facing more hikes compared to the urban, which is very unusual. The food inflation was 2.3% in PML-N tenure which has risen to 10% in a year and 14% in March.

Likewise, in the PML-N five years tenure, the deficit of the budget was on average Rs1,600 billion, whereas, during this year it has reached Rs5,600 billion. The tax collection reduced from 11.1% to 9.1% of GDP and the debt which was in PML-N government Rs24,952.9 billion has now increased to Rs42,735 billion by Dec 2021.

Ismail stated that the PTI government during its tenure took over Rs20,000 billion in debt.

He stated that from Liaqat Ali Khan the first Prime Minister of Pakistan to Nasir-ul-Mulk the total amount of debt was Rs25,000 billion and in less than four years Imran Khan's government took Rs20,000 billion debt.

He also stated that the debt taken by the PML-N government was utilized for building dams, road infrastructure, energy plants, and education projects, whereas, no such utilization was witnessed during the PTI government.

The minister further stated that the current account deficit was at $20 billion and reserves went down to $10.8 billion, whereas, the gas circular debt is 1.5 trillion accumulated by the PTI government. He also added that the present government will make a commission for investigating the smuggling of urea.

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To Revive Economy Early Elections Is The Only Solution


The global economy is on the brink of another recession due to the soaring prices of world commodities.

The economy which heavily depends on imports such as Pakistan is going to face a strong blow due to the uncontrollable increase in import costs and prices of necessary goods such as cooking oil, petrol, and diesel. Comprehending the seriousness of the rising situation the government of PTI was taking emergency actions for protecting the businesses and common people. In 2021 the economic growth was 5.6% due to the strong steps taken by the government of PTI. According to current data on the economy $30 billion in exports are expected, the highest output of agriculture farms, and $32 billion in remittances as per the target. In the first 9 months of the fiscal year, Rs 1.2 trillion credit of the private sector is the highest record ever showing 170% growth compared to last year. Current year growth of 7.8% in the manufacturing sector. In 2021 62% record growth of PSX listing profit of top 100 companies, highest in last 10 years. The PTI government strategy focusing on tourism, agriculture, export industry, and construction has created 5.5 million jobs in 3 years which is the highest compared to previous government records.

Pakistan outplayed all economies of the region as to the World Bank, with a 4.3% unemployment rate which is the lowest in South Asia compared to 5.4% in Bangladesh, 8% in India, and 5.9% in Sri Lanka. Measures were taken as per Imran Khan Riyasat-e-Madina's vision to increase Ehsaas program spending on poor households. The subsidy was provided to more than 20 million households for the purchase of regular food products such as cooking oil, flour, and pulses. The complete population of K-P, Punjab, AJK, ICT, and districts of Balochistan and Sindh are provided with a health insurance program. Free healthcare and hospitalization were provided to above 60% of households in Pakistan with Rs10 lake savings to each citizen. The relief package of Rs300 billion was also included in the exceptional measures taken by the PTI government

The leadership of PDM still does not have a minister of finance to handle these economic difficulties showing their seriousness about the current affairs. In its very first week of government promises made to reduce inflation and provide relief to the public were all abandoned. Electricity prices were increased by Rs4.84 per unit, and prices of necessary food products which include cooking oil and sugar are also increased. Langars and Panagahs which was providing shelter and food to the most vulnerable poor daily wage workers and the deprived public have been brought down.

In the meanwhile, the economy is descending towards an intense financial meltdown of a scale that has never been experienced before. Despite the challenging world environment if the tough decisions are taken today by the policymakers, the economy could still be saved. Due to the lack of public acceptance, the PDM financial experts are already facing hardship in their first week of government. Therefore the demand for fresh early elections from the leadership of PDM is the right course of action.

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DG ISPR: Word 'Conspiracy' Not Present In National Security Committee Statement


Major General Babar Iftikhar Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) on Thursday stated that after the National Security Committee meeting the previous month, the conspiracy word is not mentioned in its statement. 

After the formation commander’s conference, Major General Babar Iftikhar was replying to the question raised by the journalist after the press conference at General Headquarters. He was asked about the stance of army leadership against the claim made by Imran Khan about the foreign conspiracy which oust his government and whether the National Security Council also endorse such a claim.

As far as military stance, it is fully given in the NSC meeting and the statement was also issued about it, clearly mentioning what conclusion was made in the meeting. All the words are clear and in front of you which are used in the statement. I do not think that there is a word of the conspiracy used in it. 

He also stated that ISI also received the cable from the ambassador to the United States from Pakistan and NSC is briefed according to it.

No role of the military in politics

At the same time, responding to questions about the role of the army in politics, the DG ISPR informed that the army chief was approached by the former prime minister of Pakistan for help and finding a solution to the ongoing political crisis.

He stated that unfortunately, the political leadership of Pakistan was not willing to talk. So the DG ISI and army chief visited the prime minister's office to discuss the three scenarios. Further mentioning that one was prime minister resigns. The other was that a no-trust motion should be held or the no-confidence motion was taken back to dissolve the assemblies. He also made it clear that none of the options were given by the establishment.

Extension of COAS 

DG ISPR also mentioned the army chief extension rumors and stated that let me confirm neither COAS is seeking another extension nor will he be accepting it. COAS will be retiring on Nov 22 at due time.

Major General Babar Iftikhar also replied to a question asked by a journalist that the word neutral does not accurately describe the stance of the army, the word apolitical is much better. As per our constitution and legal setup, any political involvement or affiliation should not exist. 

The United States never demanded military bases

DG ISPR in his reply to a journalist regarding the military bases stated that the army has had the same stance as the ex-prime minister if such a demand of giving military bases would have been made. But in reality, the United States never asked for any military bases.

Political stability and new government

DG ISPR stated that the military could not afford to choose with which government it has a steady relationship and which does not. It is not a choice, as all governments are elected and it is their duty to tell the army what to do.

He also told the reason COAS couldn’t attend the oath-taking ceremony of Shehbaz Sharif was due to illness.

General Iftikhar stated that everything is driven by political stability and national security depends on it.

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Deputy Speaker Allowed By LHC To Administer The Election For Chief Minister Of Punjab


PML-N and PML-Q appeals were turned down by Lahore High Court and orders were given to complete the preparations for the polling on April 16.

On Wednesday Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Muhammed Ameer Bhatti allowed Sardar Dost Muhammed Mazari Deputy Speaker of Punjab Assembly to proceed with the election of chief minister Punjab which is scheduled on April 16, despite Pakistan Muslim League Quaid (PML-Q) attempts.

Chief Justice Bhatti also put aside the orders of withdrawing deputy speaker powers as per his 3-page order issued on April 13. The request made by Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) to hold the elections before April 16 was also dismissed by the Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Bhatti.

Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice stated in his order that, according to the Rule 25 of Rules of Procedure were dismissed which is contradictory to the Constitution Article 53(3) as a consequence of which in the absence of Speaker, the Deputy Speaker of the assembly gets the position of Speaker for the assembly session and completely override the powers given in the Rules, is hereby put aside.

He ordered that the Deputy Speaker shall proceed with the assembly election procedure of the Chief Minister on April 16, 2022, as per the fixed date according to the Article 130 sub-Article (3) of the Constitution Rule 20 of Rules of Procedure including all other powers and provisions enabled on its behalf. All the Provincial government personnel and Deputy Speaker are ordered to take the actions fairly, justly, and impartially ensuring Constitutional supremacy in the process.

It is also stated in the order that the respondent counsel which includes Advocate General Punjab (AGP) has shown no reservations during their arguments to hold the election on April 16 in terms of Article 130 sub-Article (3) of the Constitution Rule 20 of Rules of Procedure, therefore there shall not be any obstruction, interference, hindrance in any way with any provincial assembly member who would wish to attend and participate in the assembly session notified as above for casting their votes as per the Supreme Court short order dated April 7, 2022.

The provincial assembly Secretary and all other officials shall provide and exercise all efforts to assist the session in this regard under the legal obligation. The secretary of the Punjab Assembly was also ordered to ensure and complete the Punjab Assembly renovation work one day before the election date so that it must be available on April 16 in a respectable way for the assembly members.

After hearing the details of the arguments the LHC reserved the decision, earlier on April 12, after the PML-Q, PML-N, Punjab Assembly secretariat, and Choudhry Perves Elahi counsels were not able to reach a consensus on the neutrality of a person who will preside the Punjab Assembly session.

PML-Q will be filing an intra court appeal against this order, according to a reliable source.

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National Assembly Session Adjourned By Deputy Speaker Till April 3


More than 172 Members of Parliament from benches of opposition attended the National Assembly session held under Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri's chairmanship 

A few minutes after the beginning of a decisive session of NA for debating on the no-trust motion against PM Imran khan, the session was adjourned by the deputy speaker until April 3.

According to the details, the national assembly session begins after more than one hour delay in the House. The session took place under national assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri's chairmanship with more than 172 Members of Parliament from benches of opposition attending the session.

According to the national assembly Secretariat agenda of 24 points for yesterday's session, the no-confidence motion debate against Prime Minister Imran Khan was in fourth place in order.

As soon as the session started, between the questions and answers session, the members of the Opposition start demanding to the deputy speaker for allowed to vote on the no-trust move.

At that point, nearly after10 minutes of the session has begun the deputy speaker stated that due to the Opposition lawmaker’s non-serious behavior the session has been adjourned until Sunday.

Almost around 150 Members of the Opposition have staged the sit-in in the lower house even after the session was adjourned.

Shahbaz Sharif President of PML-N and Opposition Leader in the NA had presented the no-trust motion against Prime Minister Imran on Mar 28, which made Prime Minister Khan the third PM in the history of Pakistan face the no-confidence motion. 152 members of the opposition signed the notice of no-trust resolution against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Qasim Suri Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly had permitted Shehbaz Sharif to present the no-confidence move against the PM after 161 members of the NA have backed the presentation of this motion.

According to the Constitution of Pakistan minimum of 20% of the total members of the parliament are required for supporting the resolution before its submission and tabling.

The resolution stated that in the view of the House Prime Minister Imran Khan has lost the confidence of National Assembly majority members, therefore, he should resign from his office.

In the meantime, the discussion on the no-trust move had been approved by the deputy speaker of the national assembly which was supposed to take place on Mar 31 at 4 pm. Although, a vote for the resolution is expected to be held around April 1-4.

According to the rules of NA, the resolution can only be voted after the expiry of 3 days or after 7 days from the day the resolution is presented in the National Assembly.

The decision of MQM-P to leave the PTI government support only one day before the debate started on the no-trust move against PM Imran, made the numbers game more interesting.

A total of 172 votes are required by both sides for claiming victory on the voting day of the resolution which was presented on Monday by Mr. Shahbaz Sharif.

PTI government had 178 seats with the support of alliance parties, whereas the Opposition had 163 NA seats. But, after consistent efforts by the joint Opposition to pursue the government allies, the numbers have been changed.

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Opposition Asked PM Imran For Resignation


On Wednesday the Mutahida Qaummi Movement Pakistan MQM-P left the Pakistan ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) after announcing that it is supporting the opposition PDM on a no-confidence vote motion against PM Imran Khan.

The announcement was made by the MQM-P during the conference with the joint opposition leadership giving a clear edge to the opposition in the National Assembly which is required to send way the prime minister.

After weeks of consultations, finally, the opposition manage to convince the coalition partner of the present government to vote against the premier on the motion of no-confidence and after gaining MQM-P support the government majority in the national assembly seemingly has been lost.

After PML-Q has decided to support the government when the prime minister asked the Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Busdar to resign, offering the same post to Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi of PML-Q in exchange against supporting the no-confidence motion against the prime minister, MQM-P decided to part from the government and join the opposition.

Although the government hasn’t accepted the resignation, this move made by MQM-P has left both PML-Q and PTI embarrassed which cause them the loss of 3 decisive wickets just on a single delivery, Prime Minister Khan, Chief Minister Buzdar, and would be Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi.

The opposition now has acquired more than the required numbers officially to remove Prime Minister Imran Khan's government through a no-trust vote even without around two dozen dissenters of PTI, after MQM-P has joined the opposition. After both sides have reached the written agreement with given assurances to MQM-P of meeting all their demands, the announcement of the decision was made during the press conference of MQM-P and joint opposition leadership.

The government and opposition both have been asked by the MQM-P for the written agreement of their demands, stating that they would join whoever would respond in a better way, as they are answerable to their supporters and voters.

The demands made by MQM-P include the party’s offices re-opening, removal of fake cases against its workers and leadership, missing party workers recovery, among other things. As per the source's information leadership of the opposition mainly PPP has given the blank paper to MQM-P for writing down its all demands which would be accepted.

On Monday night the agreement has been finalized by both sides were agreed to announce the decision on Tuesday late at night but after that, it was delayed till 3 am, the decision has been made of holding a joint press conference.

The federal ministers of MQM-P, Ameenul Haq,, and Farookh Naseem have resigned also from their ministries and given their resignations to the prime minister. For the past many weeks the country is in the grip of suspense due to the no-trust motion and everything else was put on hold. 

While his address to the media gathering, Shahbaz Sharif urged the premier to resign for starting a new phase in Pakistan’s political history. Bilawal also said while speaking to the press that he was grateful to the MQM-P for deciding to vote against the government for the people of Sindh, Karachi, and Pakistan.

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Sheikh Rasheed Advise To PM Khan Of Dissolving Assemblies


On Saturday, March 26, Sheikh Rasheed the interior minister of Pakistan stated that he has advised PM Khan for dissolving the assemblies immediately after the budget for general elections ahead of time. He also mentioned that the no-trust motion voting against PM Khan will be expected to happen around April 3 or 4.

Taking to a press conference in the capital city of Islamabad, Sheikh Rasheed stated that the opposition helped PM Imran Khan by bringing the no-confidence motion, increasing his popularity multiple times since then.

Replying to the question regarding Jan Abdul Karim MNA of PPP who is accused in the murder case of Nazim Jokhio in Sindh, the interior minister stated that upon his arrival from UAE he will be immediately arrested.

Sheikh Rasheed stated that as per the law, PPP should’ve taken bail from the court before his arrival, also added that the suspect in the murder case is brought back in Pakistan in advance of the voting on no-confidence, but will be arrested by the law and order forces at the airport as they have not taken his bail order from the court. I have instructed the IG Sindh police and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for arresting Jan Abdul Karim MNA from PPP at the airport on his arrival, he stated.

As per the local media news, it is relevant to specify here that last Friday the Sindh High Court has granted 10-days bail to Jan Abdul Karim against the murder case of Nazim Jokhio.

Interior Minister stated that everyone has the right to organize public rallies in the capital city of Islamabad. Although, as per the directives of the Pakistan Supreme Court, no one is permitted for entering the Red Zone. He also made a warning that no individual will be allowed for taking the law into their hands as the higher court has assigned the Interior Minister to keep the law and order of the capital city under control.

In response to the question from a journalist, the Interior Minister told that he had advised the premier to hold the elections before time immediately after the budget session and draft a poor friendly budget for Pakistani people. He mocked the opposition that they are playing the main role in increasing the popularity of Khan and fooling themselves.

In response to the campaign of social media against the country’s security agencies, Rasheed stated that he has instructed the DG FIA for arresting all such elements taken against the security agencies of Pakistan.

Responding to the opposition's warnings about staging a sit-in in the federal capital, Rasheed stated that if it happens, swift action will be taken as per the directions given by the court of law.

He stated that we will arrest anyone staging a sit-in and also added that the federal government could also call security forces under Article 245 after the approval of the cabinet and the prime minister. Although, he expected that the law and order situation will not get out of hand resulting in forcing them to take extreme measures. 

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Pakistan Day March 23 Annual Military Parade Watched By OIC Officials


On Wednesday the nation celebrated Pakistan day, the Pak army exhibited their strength in the annual army parade taking place in Islamabad where the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) delegations taking part in the 48th Session of OIC also watched the parade as the guests of honor.

Pakistan Day celebrates the Lahore Resolution passed on Mar 23, 1940, in which the All India Muslim League made a demand of a separate Muslim nation from the British India Empire.

The day started with a 31-canon gun salute in Islamabad and a 21-canon gun salute in all provincial capitals of the country, as per the Radio Pakistan announcement.

The ceremony for the change of guards was also taking place in the tomb of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi and the tomb of Allama Iqbal in Lahore.

As per the media reports prayers for Pakistan's prosperity and progress were also offered after the Fajr prayer in the mosques.

The main event of the day was an army parade in the capital city of Islamabad where three army contingents and security forces marched and PAF fighter jets has shown the aerobatics.

Contingents of other countries which include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Turkey, and Azerbaijan have also taken part in the parade.

President Arif Alvi, Prime Minister Khan, federal ministers, three services chiefs, officials, and foreign ministers from 57 Muslim nations and members of OIC were also present at the occasion.

After the captivating PAF fighter jets show, the Army, Navy, and PAF parachuters exhibited their expertise of 10,000 feet free-fall. Then the Pakistan flag was presented to President Alvi by General Officer Commanding of the SSG, Major General Adil Rehmani, and elite commandos from the military, after that the parachuters have received the gun salute.

After the presentation, the floats of each province representing their culture took the round of venue. This year Jammu and Kashmir floats were also presented for the first time, featuring the well-known Dargah Hazratbal miniature from Srinagar, along with martyred freedom fighters of occupied Kashmir, banners displayed on it.

President Alvi stated in his address that Pakistan is a responsible atomic power and we want peace with all nations and respect their sovereignty. He also expressed that Pakistan's sovereignty and security would never be compromised and any aggressiveness would be dealt with with the forceful response towards it. President Alvi stated that our nation would not be hesitant from any kind of sacrifice for the security of our country.

Prime Minister Khan in his message emphasized that the nation came into being after a hard and long struggle and the key for its development is present in honesty, morality, and hard work.

We require to hold fast to the Quaid-i-Azam principles of Unity, Faith, and Discipline and recommit ourselves for the development of Pakistan as a true model of Riyasat-i-Madian democratic and a welfare state.

The prime minister also stated that his government is bringing long-term reforms and taking the initiatives of poverty alleviation, promotion of justice and also focusing on the marginalized segments of our country for providing equal rights.

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National Government Proposal By Shahbaz Sharif For Next 5 Years Excluding PTI


On Wednesday Shahbaz Sharif President PML-N and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly have suggested forming a national government without the inclusion of PTI.

During his interview in the Capital Talk program of Geo News channel the president of PML-N stated that for the next five years national government must be formed, minus PTI.

President PML-N Shahbaz stated that it was his idea to form a new government that must work with all its commitment when comes into power to set a standard to follow. He said to the anchorperson and senior journalist Hamid Mir, and then we will see what is going to happen.

While just a few weeks ahead the national Assembly session will be held for voting on the motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan, the present government is trying its best to persuade its allies to support it during the process of voting.

The Opposition parties are also trying to woo the allies of PTI and attempting to break down the lower house government alliance, by conducting side-by-side meetings with government allies.

Premier Imran Khan has stated that he is prepared for anything that the Opposition is planning to throw in his way, however, he has also aggressively started meeting with all his allies in advance of the motion of no-confidence session.

The government and Opposition, both sides are ready to hold huge rallies in the city of Islamabad before the motion of no-confidence session. The Government is scheduling its rallies on March 27, whereas the long march by the Opposition will be held from March 25, after the session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) ends. 

The horse-trading accusations are criticized by the Opposition leader during the build-up of the session for the no-confidence motion and he stated that when private aircraft was loaded with the politicians, what was it all about?

Opposition Shabaz Sharif stated that if horse-trading allegations are proven, he would apologize and resign from his office. “I’ll be responsible if horse-trading happens.”

He also stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan should not be called honest by the public anymore and said that had the PM recovered two hundred billion dollars which he claimed that he would, he might have served the country then.

The president of PML-N stated that the dakoity records in Pakistan have been broken, oil is bought at extremely expensive rates by the government, but it is not able to buy the cheap gas.

The leader of the Opposition speaking about the rally of PTI before the session of the no-confidence motion, stated that the PTI government was threatening the elected members for voting in favor of the no-confidence motion. 

He stated that the present government is warning the parliament members of violence, but we have no plans of turning to violence. The current government wants to clash with the constitution and its laws.

The Opposition leader stated that the present government threaten to end the rule of democracy in Pakistan. But, we’ll bring the long march of people to avoid this, which is expected from March 25.

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Russia Seeking Financial And Military Support From China


According to the United States officials, Russia is asking China for military hardware for the Ukraine war and economic assistance to thwart the sanctions.

The US officials were persistent in not sharing the source of collective intelligence on Russia’s request and further turned down the request to describe what type of financial support or military equipment Moscow is requesting. The US officials also refuse to discuss any response by China to these requests.

The coalition with Putin has been strengthened by President of China Xi Jinping, who stood by Putin while Russia escalated its military operation in Ukraine. United States officials are observing closely whether China act on such requests of supporting Russia. The White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan has met with Yang Jiechi member of the Communist Party of China's elite political bureau and the Central Director Foreign Affairs Commission of the party in Rome on Monday. Sullivan's intentions were to caution Yang that the US will not be allowing any lifeline to Russia from imposed sanctions by any country from anywhere in the world, he stated. The meeting took place a day after American officials have informed the New York Times regarding the Russian request to China for economic and military support. It was scheduled as a follow-up review before President Xi and Biden's video summit meeting in November.

A spokesperson from the Washington Chinese Embassy, Liu Pengyu stated that we had never heard of such a request made by Russia. Ukraine's present situation is certainly discomfiting and Beijing would like to see a peaceful solution.

The Biden government is looking to present China the repercussions in case of any cooperation with Russia and the penalties it could face if continue or advance its support to Russia. Some American officials stated that it could be possible to discourage Beijing from stepping up its support to Moscow. As national leaders, Putin and Xi have met 38 times which is more than any other government head and both share the ambition of weakening United States power.

Historically, it is China that bought the military hardware from Russia and not the other way around. Russia has expanded its weapons sale to China in the last few years. But Russia could have advanced drone and missile capabilities from China for use in its Ukraine war. China was criticized by the White House last week for supporting Kremlin in spreading propaganda about Ukraine and US. China is also engaged in the nuclear discussion of Iran, which has been obstructed due to new demands made by Russia. The United States officials are trying to assess that to what level China would be supporting the Russian stance in upcoming talks. 

Former and present United States officials are saying that the meeting in Rome is crucial, considering the lives at risk due to the current war in Ukraine and chances of China and Russia forming a united geopolitical front against the US and its coalition in the coming years. Some of the United States officials are hoping to find a way to convince Xi to distance himself from Putin’s war. And for other Xi is also a lost cause and like to contain both China and Russia.

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Showdown Finally Taken Place In Ukraine


If we believe the West governments and their jingo news media, Russian President Putin has declared an unjustified war of hostility against helpless Ukrainian people which is causing death, destruction and forcing millions of people to leave their homes, even though the brave Ukrainian military forces are resisting hard against the charging Russian army. 

At the same time the Russian narrative has been practically blocked through virtually censoring all their media outlets and extensive sanctions have been put in place against Russia. Where the reality is different. The crisis of Ukraine is a classic example of a geopolitical strategic maneuver between the United States and Russia which has been developing after the end of the Cold War since 1991. The showdown has finally happening now in Ukraine. The outcome of which will have profound after-effects on the geopolitical future order of the world.

The United States arouse the NATO membership of Ukraine again in 2021, which provoked the Putin government demanding for written guarantees that such expansions would be taking place in the Russian sphere of influence and it would be respected. On the contrary, the situation was triggered by deploying strategic weapons of NATO along the border of Russia and transferring military assistance to Ukraine, which finally provoked the Russian military operation against the neighboring country on February 22. Although Russia is indeed invading a sovereign state, the United States and its partners are not in a self-righteous position. They have attacked and invaded Syria, Libya, and Iraq on bogus grounds. The United States also enforced Monroe Doctrine in Western Hemisphere, which caused the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. All sides must respect the UN Charter, as such Russian sphere of influence must be accepted by the US.

The West which has caused suffering to millions of Libyans, Iraqis, Syrians, and Afghanis which is continuing, is hypocritically condemning Moscow on humanitarian grounds. The racist distinctions by Western media about blonde Ukrainians facing the same fate as Asians and Africans made their case even worse.

Some prominent citizens of the US have contrarily challenged their government’s policy. Diplomats and veterans such as Jack Matlock, Henry Kissinger, George Kenan, and scholars like Noam Chomsky and John Mearsheimer are accusing the United States government responsible for creating the crisis by NATO expansion. They have proposed to accept the geopolitical interests of Russia by building Ukraine as a neutral buffer state such as Austria and Finland. The financial experts have also insisted that sanctions against Russia would be counterproductive and also cause a rise of gas and oil, minerals, and products prices internationally and further grow Europe’s dependency on Russian energy.

China is supporting Russia which is enhancing its ability to resist the sanctions, which further strengthen the alliance between the two countries and causes America to confront two front more dangerous international challenge.

Pakistan has decided to pursue the policy of remaining neutral. And PM Khan was correct in planning ahead of his visit to Russia and meeting President Putin. In the present multi-polar world a balanced policy is required by Pakistan for its strategic interests.

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Pakistan Government Seeking $21bn Support From China


A Finance Ministry source informed the Business Recorder that, to tackle with financial challenges and meet the financial needs of future Pakistan government is seeking financial support of around $21 billion from the Chinese government via existing loans rollover of $10.73 billion and a deposit found of $ 10 billion.

Giving the details the sources stated that many agenda points were discussed during the China visit of the Prime Minister, which includes Finance Ministry submissions for the rollover of all finance facilities which are $6.73 billion of commercial loans and $4.0 billion of SAFE deposits, where $2.0 billion SAFE deposit is maturing on Mar 23, 2022.

The Prime Minister had duly signed the rollover request which had already been made in January 2022. Furthermore, RMB 15 billion 3 years commercial loan which is equivalent to $2.23 billion taken from the group of ICBC, CDB, and BOC is also maturing on Mar 25, 2022.

The sources stated that for refinancing Finance Ministry had been in contact with CDB and on Jan 27, 2022, a formal request had been sent also. All other commercial loans and deposits will mature at later dates. Sources informed that a $10 billion deposit fund is also requested by the Pakistan government. Additionally, a currency swap arrangement increase to $15 billion is also proposed by the State Bank of Pakistan.

The sources confirmed that additional SDRs had been allocated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in August 2021 to its member countries with the focus to help the member countries during the pandemic. China’s allocation share was SDR 29.22 billion. Pakistan Finance Ministry has requested Chinese concordance to use the portion of its share via IMF mechanism put in place or bilaterally.

The sources also informed that Pakistan Government re-negotiated the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with IPPs, excluding CPEC-IPPs, which substantially reduced the energy cost from these IPPs. In the same manner negotiations with CPEC-IPPs are planned and the energy cost from CPEC-IPPs will be expected to reduce by $14.29 billion over the life span of the IPPs. Although Islamabad's informal talks with the Chinese Embassy showed that China is willing to cancel out the excessive $14.29 billion via any source other than PPAs reopening with CPEC-IPPs.

The sources stated that a roadshow proposal in China is made by the State Bank of Pakistan asking entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors of China for establishing digital banks in Pakistan.

State Bank Pakistan proposed dialogue regarding Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) cooperation between SBP and People’s Bank of China to support Pakistan in evaluating the risks which are associated with CBDCs.

On Feb 11, 2022, in a meeting chaired by PM Imran Khan, the Governor of SBP requested the assistance of the Foreign Affairs Ministry to arrange the meeting between two countries Governors of Central Banks for discussing the proposals which were submitted.

The sources stated that the Finance Ministry has advised Moin ul Haque Ambassador of Pakistan to China for following up on three proposals related to budgetary needs and Pakistan’s external account stability with Chinese authorities. And advised assisting in arranging meetings between Central Banks governors of both countries for discussing the proposals.

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